Doug Ford Meeting with General Motors Directors in Detroit

ONTARIO – A spokesperson for Ontario’s PM mentioned that Doug Ford will go to the Detroit Auto Show sometime today in order to meet with execs from General Motors as well as various other car manufacturers.

Ivana Yelich claimed that Ford will likely not attempt to press GM to rethink shutting its plant at Oshawa by the end of the calendar year when he consults with these people at the Northern American International Auto Show.

The representative mentions the organization has already made things “quite clear that the decision is final”, therefore, Ford is going to simply evaluate the possibilities to help employees that are going to be without a job when the plant closes up.

GM revealed during December it will close up operations in the plant at the conclusion of 2019, resulting in 2,600 people looking for work.

A source points out the PM is going to likewise consult with workers union leader Jerry Dias of Unifor.

Dias has already publicly articulated his opposition to Ford, and also shared back in December that “if you are not prepared to fight, you should be calm and stay away” when it comes to General Motors.

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Rita Chandon

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