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Donald Trump’s Speech before the United States Senate

WASHINGTON – There really was no surprises with Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday evening in front of the United States Senate. say those who were present.

He firmly insisted on building the wall structure on the Mexican border with Mexico, claimed he was literally “going to construct it”, then, spoke about Venezuela, Northern Korea, the pullout of United States soldiers out of Afghanistan and even Syria, the trade conflict with China & about abortion and females as being the “primary workforce within the United state of America”.

The commander in chief took credit for managing what he claimed to be an “unmatched economical upsurge” with his pep talk at the State of the Union given before elected representatives.

” We have created – he said – 5.3 million brand new jobs and even added in 600,000 new jobs for the industry. Something that practically everybody said was inconceivable to accomplish, however, the fact is that we’re just getting started. ”

The commander in chief attested that the United States economic situation is considered “by far the most powerful on the planet” and also “it is growing almost twice as fast” whenever he came to the White House during January 2017.

Even with bragging about the flourishing overall economy, Trump cautioned that this kind of “miracle” is jeopardized by means of “silly wars”, “ridiculous partisan investigations” and even “politics”, without going into more specifics.


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