Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland

United States President Donald Trump is actually interested in buying Greenland, an autonomous location of more than 2.1 million square kilometers and around 56,000 residents which is actually part of the Empire of Denmark, based on to The magazine Wall Street Journal

The paper, that quoted  knowledgeable about the matter, mentions that Donald trump “continuously conveyed, with changing levels of seriousness, his passion of getting the Danish self-governing region,” because of his “plentiful assets and even geopolitical value.”

What is the reason Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland?

Donald Trump, who plans to go to Denmark in the upcoming calendar month, presumably talked to his aides to check out this option.

A few of his consultants, based on the paper, think that the acquisition of Greenland might be “a really good financial move,” even though others push aside the idea and call it “a short-lived interest which will likely never emerge.”

Within 1946, the United States put forward to Denmark 100 million US dollars with regard to the acquisition of Greenland, however, the Danish Authorities refused the proposal.

Basing on WSJ, the United States Dept of State likewise examined the alternative of acquiring Greenland and even Iceland from the Empire of Denmark during 1867.

The USA is thinking of constructing an armed forces port or base, within the Arctic region of Greenland in order to deal with Russia as well as China if need be.

This would NOT be the very first acquisition of regions for the United States.

During 1867, the USA paid to Russia $ 7.2 million dollars to get Alaska, a terrarium of more than 1.5 million square kilometers.

They had likewise paid out considerable amounts for Louisiana (to France), Florida (to Spain), the Danish Western Indies (to Denmark), to name a few regions.

At the moment, the United States possesses an essential aircraft base within northwestern Greenland.

Thule Air Base, additionally referred to as Pituffik Airport terminal, is actually around 1,200 kilometers out of the Arctic Circle.

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