Donald Trump Trusts Vladimir Putin

United States Commander in chief Donald Trump claims his Russian equivalent,, most likely ordered murders and even poisonings, yet, Donald Trump Trusts Vladimir Putin. 

In an interview on “60 mins” TV show, Trump mentioned that, even though he does not stand in opposition to his Russian equivalent in public, he is actually extremely “hard” with him off the record or in private

“I think I’m very hard with him personally. I had an encounter with him. Only the two of us. It was a very tough match and it was a very good meeting, ” Trump pointed out, talking about the meeting he conducted in July with the Russian head in the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, capital of Finland.

The subject matter of the business meeting among “Trump and Putin”, that happened on July 16th, is still not known, as the heads were actually alone, with only the presence of their interpreters.

Is Donald Trump On a Power Trip?

Just recently, the United State Of America and a few of its own allies, like the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and even the UK, implicated Russia of attempting to commit cyber offensives against global institutions including the Organization for the Restriction of Chemical Substance Weapons (OPCW).

Even though Russia rejects the Traditional western anti-Russian initiative, referring to it as “propaganda” to join forces against Moscow, the European Union (EU) and even the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to name a few, have demonstrated solidarity with the Netherlands as well as the UK in its allegations facing Russia, with regard to cyber assaults against the OPCW.

In yet another portion of his conversation, describing anxieties with N. Korea, the United States commander in chief confessed that he does not know if “Pyongyang is still manufacturing rockets”.

Trump, in substitution for the denuclearization of Northern Korea, promised to “end the joint armed forces exercises of the United State Of America as well as Southern Korea in the Korean peninsula, lift sanctions facing Pyongyang” and even “guarantee the safety and security of the Oriental nation”, however has not actually lifted the sanctions.

Pyongyang, which has put on hold its own atomic and rocket testings, denounces Washington’s “gangster ” techniques.

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