Is Donald Trump On a Power Trip?

During a photo op with White House interns, the press raised some questions, and President Donald Trump made fun at the expense of the media and the reporters.

“President Donald Trump is a man ruled, and therefore defined, by his faults. He is a vindictive and cruel bully with a compulsion to start a conflict rather than end it diplomatically”, some random person remarked.

During a photo op with White House interns on Monday, the President of the United States and his short comings were on full display when Catherine Lucey, a reporter with The Associated Press, asked a few questions.

While photographers took photos of Trump in the midst of many shiny-faced young persons, Lucey inquired, “Mr. President, should Jeff Sessions resign?”

Rather than portray himself as a socially acceptable leader and ignore the question, or attempt to end it gracefully, Donald Trump took the unimportant path and rolled his eyes. The interns laughed along with him. When the reporter asked another question about health care, the president said to her “Be quiet.”

Trump said to the young men and women around him, “you see, they’re not supposed to do that, but they do it, but they’re not supposed to. She’s breaking a code back there. But they don’t care. They don’t care about breaking codes.”

Rather than behave like a president of a country, Donald Trump responded like a paranoid dictator with unlimited power. A more matured person could have ignored the question from Lucey, or tried to kindly halt them by saying, “Sorry, this moment, it is about these interns.”

A leader would have instead turned the situation around and fairly refocused the attention on the interns, but Trump would not do that. So, he seized the opportunity to make the event seem more about his ego, once again.

President Trump’s first NATO summit was an opportunity to put to rest bad feelings between allies, but judging by a video footage, it became more about his ego.

The president of the United States act of shoving another world leader just to get all the attention looks like a behavior you would see from Regina George in the movie “Mean Girls.”

While at headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Alliance on Thursday, President Trump placed one of his hands on the shoulder of the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic and pushed him out of the way so he could take the center stage. Markovic looked bemused, Trump looked petty, and we all look shocked.

It was the first NATO summit to be attended by Trump, and given his tense history with the alliance, it was an important occasion to engage in a much needed diplomacy, and make some important connections.

However, something Trump excels at is failing to utilize opportunities to be good.

The footage of the president acting like a spoilt brat for a photo op for sure is cringe-worthy.

The worst feeling however, comes later when you realize you should not have expected anything more from the man who is power tripping. So the question remains, “Is Donald Trump On a Power Trip“?.



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