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Donald Trump Considers Military Force Against Venezuela

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WASHINGTON – United States Leader Donald Trump considers “seriously” using military force against Venezuela, claims a top White House representative.

“A military alternative that, as President Donald Trump said, is on the table […] is literally seriously taken into consideration depending on the events,” a top White House representative pointed out Friday, on condition of anonymity.

Within reports provided to Middle East Headlines News team, the confidential source suggested that Washington is going to magnify, additionally, its economic pressures in opposition to Caracas and also are going to make use of the armed forces alternative, due to the fact that, “diplomatic steps are ineffective,” this individual rationalized.

Venezuela is undoubtedly undergoing rough periods because of the self-proclamation of Juan Guaidó, head of the Venezuelan Nationwide Assembly (AN) – adversary majority,  and even proclaimed in contempt during 2016-, as “acting leader” for the Bolivarian Commonwealth.

The Donald Trump administration was the very first to promote this specific overthrow and pointed out it takes into consideration army intervention within the South American nation.

Likewise, the White House representative referred to the sanctions enforced Friday through the United States in opposition to Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), claiming that Washington took this step because of demands from the AN, of the Southern American country.

“We reacted to the demand of the National Assembly of Venezuela so as to sanction organizations and a few of their ships which take part in this transportation, in addition to (…) more than 30 ships, I think there were actually 34 PDVSA ships that took part in that loading, “this person included.

Venezuela has categorically denied the “cynical and even criminal” United States sanction and also verified that it is going to take action through judicial methods regarding this “brand new attack” of Washington.

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