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I Declare War on Dog poop

Dog poop on the sidewalks and urine in the corners of buildings have become a real problem of coexistence between citizens and owners of dogs with little education. 

And from here we want to highlight the owners with little education because it is not a problem of coexistence with dogs. 

For starters, the dogs behave as they are educated. 

If the dog is taught that he can not urinate against a wall and that he has to wait to get to the correct area, the animal will. We can all see how many dogs perish peacefully in a drain or wait until you reach a place where the smell does not bother the neighbors.

The same goes for stool. The animal has to vent, but the owner is the only one who can pick up and throw everything to a wastebasket to avoid bad smells and unpleasant accidents. It is a simple matter of civility, of complying with the rules of the game and knowing how to live with other people and with other animals.

Dog Poop is not a Dog problem

Surely, those who let their dogs do their needs on any side without picking up do not have any qualms about throwing papers, cigarette butts and other rubbish on the floor, shaking their carpets and tablecloths through the windows on the head, cars and glasses of their neighbors or in emptying the ashtray of your car between the sidewalk and the road, just where you block when parking.

And is that dog owners are also citizens and there are responsible and irresponsible. In the case of the civic, they also suffer the consequences of those who do not know how to live together. 

On the one hand, they also have to withstand bad odors and dirt. But the worst of all is that they also have to face the rejection of those who put everyone in the same bag and demonize the dogs blaming them for all the evils.

For this reason, dog owners are the main stakeholders in that there is an appropriate behavior on the part of all those who have an animal. 

Thus, for example, they will not be forbidden to walk with their dogs through certain public spaces, always tied, with the muzzle if necessary and without allowing them to do their needs anywhere.

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