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Let’s dispel with the myths about dogs

Dog myths, true or False?, things you might not be aware of, well, here is the scoop once and for all.

1) The females need to have at least one litter

False, Female dogs do not have any need to have litters, so if you have a dog companion in your home, the smartest thing is to castrate it before even six months so you do not have your first heat. 

In this way, you avoid not only changes in the behavior of the animal that are harmful to coexistence, but also that the bitch has a bad time.

Sterilizing the bitch will also help reduce your chances of breast cancer, which increases exponentially if you are also given contraceptives and, above all, avoid unwanted litters. 

It is one of the myths about more dangerous dogs, because it makes many animals come to the world that end up abandoned.

2) There are more intelligent dog breeds.

True, Collies, poodles, German shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Dobermans are the smartest dog breeds according to some studies. Of course, then everything will depend on the animal in particular. 

This is a smart dog and he know it by that smile

The dog breeds considered less intelligent are bulldogs and beagles, although surely their owners will not agree at all.

These studies must always be taken with a lot of relativity and a mere curiosity, since determining the intelligence of an entire race is always complicated.

3) Dogs understand what you are talking about.

True, a dog can get to understand up to 200 words, but also, is perfectly able to understand the tone in which you speak and your gestures. All this gives you an overview of what you want to say to them. 

Another of the myths about dogs with foundation.

4) Purebred dogs have black palate.

False, this myth has no real basis as purebred dogs can have palate to spots and dogs crossed the palate completely black. It is not known where this belief comes from but it does not have any foundation.

5) Dogs hate cats.

False, or maybe we should say it depends. Yes, here we have to leave the answer in suspense since reality will depend on each dog and each cat. 

Those of us who have lived with both animals know that dogs and cats do not hate each other on instinct, that is totally false. 

But yes there are dogs that do not accept a cat near as they say the myths about dogs and, also happens, cats that only see a dog are launched to attack.

Generally dogs and cats that live from birth have a good relationship, although we should not forget that each animal has its character.

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