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Does The Government Lie?

The question most asked is, Does The Government Lie? Here is the primary guideline about the federal government – whatever they say through its representatives regarding weapons, public relations adepts, and the mockingbird business media need to be thought about as a self-serving lie, or a distortion to fit a predefined program, according to many people we asked regarding his issue.

For example, “we ought to question who is responsible for the shoot-down of the Ukrainian airliner in Tehran following the assassination of Qassem Soleimani” asked Danny Green from Florida.

Previous CIA military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi thinks “there is a possibility Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 was a false flag” created to put additional pressure on Iran and feed the USAID “opposition” to the mullahs.

Giraldi also claimed that “there might be substantially more to the story including cyber-warfare performed by the U.S. and potentially Israeli federal governments.”

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