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Does Israel Want a War With Iran?

War With Iran – According to Military intelligence from Israel who have suggested that Iran may possibly be using Iraq as a launching pad so as to Target Israel itself, sources say if this is the case, then Tel Aviv would respond.

Those same sources said, “Israeli airstrikes against Iran positions within Syria could prompt Iranian military to build an additional missile facility”.

Israel says “if this becomes a military threat by Iran to Israel” then this particular situation is going to require “Israel military forces to intensify its efforts in Iraq“.

According to the Israel news website “Makan” who has published a report which confirmed that Iran was actually withdrawing its military forces located in Syria from areas very close to Golan Heights, located smack in the middle of Israel and Syria.

Basing on this news assessment Iran could very well take provocative steps, “not excluding nuclear options” so as to put pressure on the international community so as to Lift those economic sanctions already imposed.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Israel prime minister with commanders of the Israeli Army have confirmed the “bombing of Iranian military targets located within Syria” and also pledging to “keep on the pressure” with the utilization of airstrikes against any and all “Iranian backed military forces within that country”.

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