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Diplomats Sue Canada Government over Mystery Illness in Cuba

A group of Canadian diplomats is suing the country’s government for C$28m ($21.1m; £16.4m) after they succumbed to a mysterious illness in Cuba. 

The gathering of 14, including diplomats’ relatives, says “Ottawa took too long” to even think about a warning and to treat them.

A year ago, Canadian and US authorities were removed from Havana in the wake of complaints about being dizzy and having major headaches.

The reason for the illness is obscure, however, Canada has not ruled out the possibility of a “sonic attack” on its consulate.

In an announcement, the diplomats stated: “All through the emergency, Canada minimized the earnestness of the circumstance, stored and covered basic health and security data, including false, deceptive and inadequate data to conciliatory staff.”

“My significant other, she isn’t the same any longer,” one anonymous negotiator revealed to Middle East Headlines.

“She has major gaps in her memory, cerebral pains, issues hearing. She gets the phone to make a call then forgets why she went into the room.”

As indicated by the Middle East Headlines news team, the staff at the Canadian international safe haven started encountering side effects of the supposed “Havana disorder” in the spring of 2017.

A few families were moved from Havana, however, until April 2018 Canada kept on sending new staff members to Cuba in spite of alerts from US partners who had gotten comparable objections. 

The US pulled back a large portion of its unimportant workforce from the nation in September of 2017 and said that “21 government office representatives had been affected”.

A month ago, Canada said it would cut its government office staff by up to half.

At a news gathering in Washington, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said she knew about the claims and the situation.

“I am not going to remark on the points of interest, yet I would like to repeat that I have met with a portion of these diplomats and, as I said to them, their wellbeing and security should be our top priority.”

Cuba has more than once denied any liability regarding that event.

The nation’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, said US claims were a “political control” focusing on harming and disrupting two-sided relations.


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