Did Bush Kill the Conservative Party or did Trump?

The concern on countless citizen’s minds is, “Can we ever trust anyone again?” and “Did Bush Kill the Conservative Party?”

This isn’t simply granola-munching Flower Child Liberals talking, either.

Conservative voices this year have actually invested more time slamming their own group than they have been safeguarding that group from outsiders.

A cumulative groan can be heard increasing from the Grand Old Party this year since there’s an outright absence of practical prospects. The Democrats might say “Well, that didn’t stop you in 2000!”, however, this is different.

Bush understood the Republican spirit and understood how to play to it, much like Donald Trump.

However the tradition 8 years later of the Bush administration: what is thought of as the most corrupt federal government that the United States has ever had, Till now with TRUMP, and what many are calling “the least popular president ever”.

His appeal ranking hasn’t increased above the 30% mark for the majority of his term.

We have a tradition of unpleasant, war-torn diplomacy, a network of cronies running whatever. Sound familiar yet?

Do you support abuse?

It knocks one’s socks off to consider how that might be put as an affordable concern. And yet 4 people have addressed this ‘yes’! They are Giuliani, Hunter, Romney, and Tancredo.

“We need to be firm to eliminate terrorism. We need to safeguard our liberty, which is what the terrorists dislike us for”. They claimed.

What might be referred to as “the political takeover of 2000” did little to protect the reputation of the right-wing.

Utilizing a technicality unseen or unknown to many citizens in an education-poor nation, they tried to use the “Electoral College to take control of the federal government”.

The reality of how they got this done did not serve to win the hearts of the American citizens, whether right or left.

Remember when the Presidential limousine was obstructed from entering the white house property and was pasted with eggs by an upset mob, lots of Conservatives revealed with humiliation that it would have been much better to lose than to win in this manner.

The consequences of the election are that people are dissuaded and disappointed, thinking that their “vote does not count any more”, and there’s “no point in voting”.

The after-effects of the 9/11 attacks and the many years of war have opened more conspiracy theories, intensely chasing their tails as they try to show the apparent corruption that everyone should see, however, nobody can prove coherently.

In the Nixon administration, we had his impeachment

As stunned as a country was on this occasion, it might feel confident that justice had this time been served. Individuals thirty years later do not have that convenience, with Donald Trump, but they are trying to have him Impeached.

Then there is the truth or reality of the attacks themselves. many have stated that “Bush triggered the attacks”, however, people believe that if they had a more sensible leader in the Oval Office at the time, then things would have played out in a different way.

What matters to citizens now is not a lot what took place then, as where we are now: in financial obligation, wars that reveal no indications of ever ending, a PATRIOT act that is written like martial law, a domestic policy that’s absolutely nothing except devastating, and a Federal government which is among the most corrupt that  anybody can remember seeing.

Member of the family of soldiers killed in Iraq weep over their tombs, and for the very first time in history, the dollar, is no longer the most important currency on the planet, as tourists return from the airport with scary stories of the TSA Gestapo, and as criminal charges are laid on an administration that has revealed no indication of regret, Conservatives are searching and questioning, “Was it to end like this?” This does not appear to be what any person wanted when they initially stated, “I’m a Conservative.” And I still ask myself “Did Bush Kill the Conservative Party?” or Is “Trump killing it Now?”

The prospects for the Democratic side are strong, and the ones on the Conservative side disregard the crisis of the federal government to squabble about whether we can legalize medical cannabis, allow gays to get married, or trust a female with her own uterus, regarding abortion.

And though the Democrats do not have all of the answers, they will need to move their butts in order to compete with the Republicans.



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