North and South Korea Reach Denuclearization Agreement

South Korean president, Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, reach agreements on Wednesday on the denuclearization of the area.

In a joint press conference of both Korean dignitaries, following their meeting that took place in Pyongyang (North Korean capital), Moon has emphasized that denuclearization is the only way for the peninsula to become “a land of peace” without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats. 

At the end of their meeting – as Moon has communicated – the two leaders have signed an agreement, according to which, Pyongyang will close its missile test site in Tongchang-ri, located in the northwest of North Korea.

Denuclearization Meeting Before the-agreement

“The North agreed to permanently close the Tongchang-ri missile engine test site and the missile launch facility in the presence of experts from the affected countries,” the South Korean president said.

In addition, he has indicated that Pyongyang has accepted international inspectors to observe the “permanent dismantling” of its key missile facilities and has promised additional measures, such as the closure of its main Yongbyon nuclear complex, if the United States takes reciprocal measures.

In turn, Kim has announced that he will travel to Seoul “in the near future”, which would be the first visit of a North Korean leader to the South Korean capital since the partition of the peninsula. 

“I promised President Moon Jae-in that I will visit Seoul in the near future,” the North Korean leader said.

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