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Iran supports the decision on the nuclear agreement

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran supports the decision on the nuclear agreement and promises a strong response to any enemy attack.

On the first anniversary of the US departure of the 2015 nuclear agreement between Teheran and the 5 + 1 Group then composed of the US, the United Kingdom, France, Russia and China, plus Germany, the Armed Forces General Staff has expressed its “full support” to the President Hasan Rohani’s decision to reduce the country’s level of commitment to the pact .

Also, the military high command has warned that any hostile movement of the enemies of the Islamic Republic will meet with “a crushing response” by “the nation” and “their revolutionary sons” of the Armed Forces.

“The Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran supports the decision (…). We warn the enemies that any movement will face a crushing response from the nation and its revolutionary sons of the Armed Forces, “the General Staff said in a statement issued Wednesday.

The note recalls the long process of dialogue on the Persian nuclear program that culminated in the PIAC, under which the G5 + 1 was obliged to lift all sanctions imposed on Tehran for its nuclear energy industry.

Iran, which agreed to make certain concessions, has always complied with the provisions of the agreement, as certified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which regularly inspects Persian nuclear plants and facilities, the statement said…

However, the US president, Donald Trump, announced on May 8, 2018 the withdrawal of his country from the nuclear agreement – officially called Integral Action Plan Joint (PIAC or JCPOA, for its acronym in English) – and reactivated all sanctions against Iran, a unilateral measure that was rejected by the international community, except for some US allies, such as the Israeli regime .

The Persian military leadership recalls that Iran’s European partners promised the latter that they would design a payment mechanism to maintain commercial ties despite Washington’s restrictions, but all they have done is to buy time to prevent Iran from leaving PIAC and the total dismantling thereof.

Given this situation, the statement said, Iran has taken the decision to “reduce its nuclear commitments” and “is determined” to protect its national rights “with all its might”, establishing a deadline for its European partners.

Similarly, the announcement promises “the revolutionary nation” that, trusting in the strength of its political system and its own capabilities, Iran will emerge victorious from this difficult stage, neutralize the plots of its enemies and prevent them from reaching “Their brutal objectives.”

The validity of the PIAC is apparently necessary for the security of Europe, being the three main challenges facing the security of the green continent terrorism, drug trafficking, and mass immigration, according to various experts.

They underline the importance for the fight against terrorism of the role played by Iran, which also houses more than 5 million immigrants and hinders drug trafficking to Europe, all for the benefit of the security of Europeans.

However, the financial problems created by Washington’s illegal sanctions no longer allow Tehran to guarantee Europe’s security, so if European governments can not convince the United States. The fact that he will return to PIAC will soon face “unforeseen security challenges”, they warn.

According to Article 26 of the PIAC, if one of the signatories reimposes sanctions or creates new restrictions on Iran related to its nuclear energy program, Tehran can allege these hostile acts “as a reason to stop fulfilling its commitments totally or partially”.

Article 36 stipulates that if any party to the agreement fails to comply with its commitments, Iran may refer the matter to the Joint Iran-G5 + 1 Commission and, in case of non-compliance by Iran, the others may do the same.

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