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What Are The Daily Reflections For Today

Thoughts for Today – Daily Reflections For Today are about Problem drinkers that live in a blind alley and refuse to be truthful with themselves or even with other individuals.

They’re fleeing from daily life, and will not stop to deal with matters as they are or what they are.

These individuals will not surrender their bitterness.

They’re way too delicate at this stage and even quickly hurt.

These people refuse to make an effort to become selfless. They continue to want every little thing for themselves, and regardless of the amount of devastating prior experiences these folks have had by alcohol consumption, they continue to do this again and again.

That’s the pure definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result or outcome.”

They’re actually just one way or technique in order to leave that obstructed back road or dark ally of everyday living and that’s to transform your thought patterns.

Ask yourself, Have I altered my thought patterns?

As they say, JUST DO IT!

Well, that was your Daily Reflections For Today, use it and watch the change happen.


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