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Your Daily Reflections for the Day

More Daily Reflections for the Day – I understand that the vision, as well as the strength I get from The almighty, are unlimited, as far as spiritual matters are involved.

But within mortal and worldly matters, I need to accept constraints.

I recognized that I may not necessarily clearly see or recognize the path in front. I need to move just one step each time, each day, due to the fact that the Divine being or the power greater then myself, does not always give me a longer view.

I live in unexplored waters, restricted by means of my mortal & spiritual way of life, however limitless within my metaphysical existence.

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A simple Prayer for the Day

I hope that despite my material impediments, I might adhere to the course of the divine power aka God. I ask that I can learn to make an effort to do far better, which is my goal for the ideal freedom.


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