Cruelty in Horse Racing

Horse Racing is well known around the world and a place for those who wager, for those who choose their luck and for those who win.

It’s a place which is all about money.

But I have experienced this place in a different way, a place which is similar to hell for horses, a place which is full of cruelty.


It looks very fair and enjoyable, but who knows what was going on behind the close doors for The sport of Kings?.

Every year a number of horses left their lives behind in these championships, many of them created history, but one day they were left till die.

All those horses, which can run, have rights to eat and what about those who had aged or in shelters, Just because they can’t run in events or unable to win.

Generally, we enjoy these championships and only seen one side of this industry, but some intelligence agencies have shown us another side too and it can’t be neglected. These reports show the cruelty and how they are used only for money and not more than a product which will generate revenue for them.

Unfortunately, these are just lies and abuse in this world which is wrapped by the name of glamorous.

Drugs are injected to horses so that they can run faster in a subconscious state of mind.

Many of secret agencies found that trainers give the animal’s drug to horses to increase their performance and capacity.

They try every possible method to reduce their weight, which helps them run faster. Some time to increase their blood flow in leg muscles chemicals are injected, which means freezing in the lower portion.

All these footprints left behind many of championships running for decades, and it shows clarity of their words spoken in the race.

No one notices these cruelties, but everyone keeps their eyes on upcoming championships like Breeder’s Cup, Kentucky Derby, and The Preakness Stakes.

We can’t stop this, but once we understand the black truth behind this industry, thousands of voices will help horses that are cruelled by humans only for their entertainment and money generation.

If we never go to races and never bet on them, or watch horse racing shows, then maybe one day it will change.

We all have rights to live here because the earth is not created by us, not just for us, it’s for all.

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