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Coronavirus Hits Bolivia

Bolivian authorities announced the very first case of the coronavirus, discovered in a young male that came back from Cochabamba China, the regional press revealed. 

“An 18-year-old Bolivian resident living in China came back to Bolivia showing signs that match the description of the brand new coronavirus discovered at the end of 2019,” according to acting Administrator of Health, Víctor Hugo Cardenas, quoted by the regional magazine, La Razon.

This person emphasized that this is looked at as clinically suspicious of coronavirus, because of the past permanency of the individual at the Oriental nation, compared with 3 Japanese travelers that had been admitted preventively on February 4th, and subsequently released with no signs of coronavirus contamination.

Cardenas released this news on the evening of February 5th, followed by the World Health Association, Alfonso Tenorio, confirming that the incident “fulfills the specifications described for the cataloging/testing of the suspect,” the paper added.

Authorities On High Alert As Coronavirus Hits Bolivia

The Bureau of Health provided a report specifying that the “suspect was handled according to international procedures” and that research laboratory testings to validate or perhaps eliminate coronaviruses were carried out in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at Atlanta Georgia, USA.

The public & private medical units out of Bolivia have released a warning of the potentially deadly virus.

Furthermore, the Authorities of Bolivia are carrying out controls and testing in-flight terminals and even the mainland border crossings.

I would be really shocked if in 2 or 3 weeks there wasn’t ongoing transmission with hundreds of cases in several countries on several continents.

Marc Lipsitch, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The all-new coronavirus first spotted in the Oriental urban area of Wuhan, Hubei District, by the end of 2019, created 563 fatalities throughout China and just over 28,000 contaminations since February 5th, 2020.

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