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Committing Fraud Against Social Security

Teresa Gonzalez Hernandez, just one of the 11 individuals implicated by a grand jury last August of carrying out fraud against Social Security, pleaded guilty to these charges, shortly after making an arrangement with the federal government district attorney.

The accusatory declaration suggests that the convict, that was charged with 40 charges regarding electronic fraudulence, ripped off Social Security for $ 57,947.

The charge specifies that Gonzalez Hernandez opened up a bank account using an individual recognized through his initials JLM.

On Oct. 28th, 2010, JLM applied for Social Security that would be transferred or deposited to the shared bank account with the accused.

Right after the death of JLM, Gonzalez Hernandez, she kept on getting the money of the deceased and did not reveal his passing.

Social Security produced 71 computerized monthly payments amounting to $ 57,947.

The accused pleaded guilty in 5 of the 40 charges.

The remaining allegations are going to be thrown out on the morning of the sentence, established with federal judge Francisco Besosa for January 29th.

Imprisonment for 14 months

As part of the arrangement, district attorney Vanessa Bonano will suggest a 14-month jail term.

If the accused proceeded with the trial, she would certainly have been subjected to a term of as much as twenty years behind bars, a $ 250,000 penalty and also 3 years of closely watched probation.

Gonzalez Hernandez was represented through legal representative John Connors from the Federal Public Defender’s Center.

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