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Coal Mine Roof Failure in Northwest China Kills 21

A Coal Mine roof failure within northwest China’s Shaanxi district killed twenty-one miners Saturday, the state-run People’s Paper revealed on Sunday.

It happened in Baiji Mining Corporation Ltd’s Lijiagou mine at the metropolitan area of Shenmu approximately 4:30 afternoon (0830 GMT) Saturday, when 87 individuals were still below ground, the reports claimed.

This mishap is one of the deadliest reported up until now for China’s fossil fuel sector, recognized for its inadequate safety history.

Sixty-six miners have been saved already, however, 21 were still literally trapped below ground, they mentioned.

19 of the workers were verified dead while a search team carried on looking for the other 2 missing workers; unfortunately, these people were eventually located but lifeless.

Sunday, the Xinhua News Organization stated that Shanxi district will perform examinations in high-risk fossil fuel mines.

Several exploration companies within Shandong and even Henan districts, as well as a portion northeastern China, have gotten notifications directly from the Nationwide Coal Mine Safety and Security Management, ” to stop operations for assessments” which are going to go on up until June, the state-backed Shanghai Securities News company (SSN) revealed Friday.

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