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Clothing advertisement triggers fury over depiction of Muslims

Bar Refaeli’s brand new clothing advertisement has certainly triggered fury over its depiction of Muslims. 


It features an Israeli supermodel removing a niqab, and even suggesting there is “zero freedom within Iran”.

Images of Rafaeli donning the Islamic head-cover turned up in magazines and newspapers and even on advertising boards all over Israel this holiday weekend, all displaying the phrases, ” Iran is here?”

Monday, the advertisement was revealed on TV & many social networks.

Rafaeli shows up wearing a face shroud & head cover, that she quickly tears off in order to show off her very long blond hairstyle, a crop top and even blues jeans.

The advertisement is actually for a brand-new line of clothing created by the brand “Hoodies”, that she, in some measure owns.

As Refaeli dances around, delighting in her Hoodies garments, a melody plays along with the lyrics, ” it’s all about freedom, finally breaking the chains, costing my freedom.”

“Freedom is basic,” Refaeli mentions in the end.

The supermodel has already erased the online video from her Instagram, however it continues to be on the Hoodies’ Youtube network.

The anti-Iranian fear mongering of the advertising, lines up with the plan of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who looks at Iran as an enemy, and also tries to instigate fears regarding its threat to the entire world.

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