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Clearing Remaining Islamic State Militants in Eastern Syria

Syrian forces backed by America are clearing remaining Islamic State militants in eastern Syria, the Syrian forces claim that these ISIS rebels are hiding within the local population.

According to sources, they’re blending in with the fleeing local citizens so as not to be noticed.

An army spokesperson clarified that these tactical operations are being conducted specifically in the village of shajalah and Baghoiz located very close to the border of Iraq.

On Wednesday evening a large number of militants associated with the Islamic State group that included international fighters have surrendered to American-backed fighters referred to as the Syrian Democratic forces.

The Source has also confirmed that a very small amount of IS fighters remain in control of the terrorist group within those small pockets.

These terrorist groups apparently back in 2014 had control of over one-third of Iraq and Syrian territory, without giving out any real numbers, he concluded by saying that “most of the militants still remaining are Iraqis and foreign fighters with very few civilians within that mix”.

US President Donald Trump said that “this group is defeated”, shortly after that in December, he announced the pullout of American soldiers that were stationed in Syria.

However, sources said on Wednesday afternoon that “the Islamic State terrorist group continues to pose a threat to the safety and security within that region even if there stronghold on that territory is ended or ending”.

The coalition stated that these militants have “no other option but to surrender or die”, Bail said to middle east headlines news team.

Local media sources say that Russia who is a key backer of the Syrian president Mr. Bashar Assad is “getting very impatient” regarding militants within “Syria’s Idlib province“.

Apparently, turkey and Russia support the Syrian opposition have agreed to a cease-fire in this territory which was the last remaining stronghold of rebels and thus avoiding an all-out government offensive, however, the arrangement is being tested to the point of breakage ever since Al-Qaeda militants seized villages and towns within Idlib.

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