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Class Action Lawsuit against the  City of Kelowna

The Class Action Lawsuit against the  City of Kelowna BC, in response to the city’s decision on Tuesday early morning to move homeless people out of Leon Avenue in the business district, to a couple of parkland within the metropolitan area’s on the northern edge of a middle-class community.

The response was instant, by locals gathering in close proximity to Knox Mountain Park on Tuesday night in order to object/protest to the unexpected decision of the city’s leaders.

” Undoubtedly, there’s likely going to be an increase with criminal activity,” claimed Brent Smith, an entrepreneur/business owner. “Still, more than the crime on its own, there’s the general public safety and security element to consider.

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” Only today, I’ve had a number of individuals come inside and inform me they used to allow their children to run down to the grocery store in the past and they do not feel secure doing this under these conditions anymore.”

Asked what he thought of the town’s move to transfer Kelowna’s tent city, Smith explained he felt “completely blindsided.”

” We feel that it’s extremely unfair, unjust, sly and even deceptive of the city,” he claimed.

Yet another individual, Dena Barabash, stated: “there was no thought and feelings placed into this.”

” It was among those quick fix and a promise repairs which backfired,” Barabash explained.

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The town says, a couple of new homeless camping grounds are going to operate between the hrs of 7 p.m. and 9 a.m., adding that at least 2 security workers are going to keep track of the site’s day-to-day between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. and also the RCMP will be increasing patrols all throughout the general vicinities.

Some of the homeless camps are positioned next to the Kelowna BC Curling Club.

The club’s general business manager, Jock Tyre, explained they’re presenting an open-arms strategy.

” Hey, so we acquired some fresh neighbors; we do not and will not greet all of them with a sharp stick. We went over to see what’s taking place,” shared Tyre.

” It’s not actually as frightening as folks are making it out to be.”

The GoFundMe page has an objective or goal of $50,000. As of Thursday mid-day, only $200 had been raised.

Middle East headlines news team reached out to the web page’s planner on Wednesday early morning so as to validate that the money will be utilized for a prospective legal action, and is not a fraud.

A respond was actually obtained very early Thursday, with the coordinator never providing his/her name, however, stating, “I am able to assure you that this is a professionally and financially responsible effort.”

The coordinator included that the possible legal action is “a great way to obtain accountability and even action.”

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