Choosing The Right HDTV

Wanting to change your old TELEVISION? Here are some tips on Choosing The Right HDTV.

Unlike routine basic TVs, HDTV sets are much lighter, take up much less area, provide more functions and supply much better image quality.

Nevertheless, looking for a new and better HDTV can be an intimidating process, specifically for brand-new consumers who are not familiar with the many HDTV innovations.

Thus, in this post, we will take a look at the different kinds of HDTVs and their advantages.


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HDTV CRT is based upon the old Cathode Ray innovation which is typically found in routine Televisions. A few of the advantages of this innovation are its tested dependability (50+ years), image quality and low price point.

Nevertheless, with this equipment, you need to handle large, heavy Television Set, and deal with screen glare issues, and restricted widescreen options.

The biggest widescreen you can get for an HDTV CRT is just 34-inches.

Rear Projection HDTV

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Presently, there are 2 kinds of Back or rear projection HDTVs.

The older RP HDTV is based upon the CRT innovation while the more recent one is based upon the LCD/DLP/LCoS Forecast innovation.

Like HDTV CRT, Back projection CRT provides big broad screens at an extremely low price. Nevertheless, you need to deal with bad image quality once again from non-digital signals, keep in mind the costly upkeep, large cabinet enclosures, and narrow seeing angles.

The more recent LCD/DLP/LCoS Forecast innovation do have bigger screen sizes, great black levels, bigger seeing angle, and fantastic photo quality.

Nevertheless, with this innovation, you need to handle pricey bulbs that need to be changed every 5,000-7,000 hours, Not a good investment in my humble opinion.

Plasma HDTV

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The Plasma HDTV is a mainstream innovation for seeing HD channels.

Plasma HDTV offers remarkable color imaging, big seeing angle, excellent black levels and they inhabit or take up much less area.

Nevertheless, with this innovation, you need to prepare for the possibility of screen burn-in issues and screen glares.

LCD Flat Panel HDTV

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The LCD Flat Panel HDTV is the other mainstream innovation for watching HD channels.

LCD HDTVs provide broader variety of screen sizes (7″ to 65″), higher image resolutions, are extremely brilliant, no burn-in issues and last a very long time (60,000+ hours). I have one of these, Just saying :).

Nevertheless, with this innovation, you need to handle bad black levels, little seeing angles, and a high entry rate or price to get one, but in mine and many other people’s opinion, the price is well worth when Choosing The Right HDTV.

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