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United States “provocative actions” in Southern China Sea

China averts ‘provocative actions’ of the USA in the waters of the Southern China Sea, after a United States war ship travelled close to the Spratley Islands.

” We call on the United States to correct its misconduct and stop the provocations to avoid damage to China-US relations and to regional peace and stability, “stated Chinese International Administrative agency spokesperson Hua Chunying Tuesday.

The announcement reacts to the appearance of the warship USS Decatur ( DDG-73) within the Spratly Islands, whose sovereignty is declared by China.

The Chinese Department of Defense responded that it is going to resolutely protect its own territorial dominion, suggesting it had already sent out a ship to push the United States vessel away from the area.

” The Chinese ship undertook immediate actions in accordance with the law (international) and warned to leave these waters,” pointed out the Chinese Defence Profile.

US Navy USS Decatur (DDG 73) in the waters of the South China Sea, October 21, 2016 – Archived Photo

At the same time, the United States Naval force denounced what it referred to as “unprofessional and dangerous maneuvers” of China’s forewarning that the AMERICA battleship leave the location.

These crossings of words among Chinese & American powers arise soon after the provocations of last week coming from the U.S.A. and its own allies.

These particular acts draw a red line from the Asian titan, even though in the previous years they have been undoubtedly performed numerous times by the United States watercraft, under the song and dance of protecting “the freedom of navigation”.

Beijing Thursday reacted to United States taunts, notifying Washington of the “consequences” connected with these kinds of moves
The People’s Liberation Army (EPL) of China, for its own part, sent out fighter planes and even bombers for simulations using live fire throughout the territory.

Stress among China and the United States are definitely intensified by a toll battle started by AMERICA Head Donald Trump , and Chinese reciprocation steps.

China prompts USA to remove sanctions or face ‘repercussions’

The archipelago of the Spratley Islands along with its waters belong to the maritime, as the territorial disagreements of China who argues its ownership together with Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and also Brunei.

The Southern China Sea, similarly referred to as the Southern China Sea, is without a doubt a disputed expansion of the Pacific Ocean, of which China alleges nearly 90% ownership, and Beijing condemns the militarisation of these waters by the United States.

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