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China and Pakistan – Emergency Meeting in Beijing

The ministers of foreign affairs from China and Pakistan held an emergency meeting within Beijing to talk about Pakistan’s unilateral modification with the status of Jammu and Kashmir, globally acknowledged as a contested area.

Following his conference with Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Pakistan’s Minister of foreign affairs for Beijing, Wang Yi, the Chinese Minister of foreign affairs explained that “China is going to defend justice in the Kashmir matter.”

Wang Yi who holds the position of state counselor mentioned he was “very seriously concerned” regarding the escalation of stress throughout the territory.

” The Kashmir situation is really a conflict from colonial past history. It needs to be dealt with in a proper & calm way, based on the UN Document, the appropriate resolutions in regard to the UN Security Committee, and reciprocal arrangements,” explained the minister. ,.

Modi implicates Pakistan of provoking physical violence within Jammu and even Kashmir.

Wang Yi emphasized that “China strongly believes that independent responses are going to complicate the condition” within the area.

On August 5th, India eliminated the special standing of the state of Jammu and even Kashmir, and, the following day, authorized the division into 2 areas of the union: the very first Jammu and Kashmir, and the 2nd Ladakh.

Pakistan said it was ready to “exercise all alternatives so as to counteract the unilateral modification.”

China, whom India claims as a portion of Ladakh the Aksai Chin region, revealed its denial of the independent alteration with the status of Jammu & Kashmir by saying that this kind of process was unacceptable.

Both of these powers clashed during a borderline struggle back in 1962.

The Pakistani Military reveals support for cashmere in their “just battle to the end”.

The Kashmir struggle goes back to the dividing of India during 1947, generated numerous battles among New Delhi & Islamabad.

Pakistan reveals that it is going to break all of the cultural contacts with India.

The soldiers of India and even Pakistan are separated by an army borderline, the supposed Control Line, that does not have worldwide acknowledgment, and where constant skirmishes are recorded.

More conflicts among Islamabad and New Delhi burst out during mid-February, shortly after a suicide bomber struck a police convoy within Pulwama, resulting in 40 dead and dozens injured.

The circumstance led to an exchange of airstrikes, the very first since the 1971 conflict.

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