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Characteristics and Care of Ferrets

Ferrets – For some, an animal that repels more than good vibes, for others, a kind of elusive rodent.

For others still, a great unknown.

The characteristics and care of the ferrets are one of the great unknowns of the wide world of pets, despite having known a passing fad a few years ago. But do not worry, that’s why we’re here. 

And the fact is that they should be old friends, because the Mustela putorius furo (its elegant name, although nobody would say it) was domesticated at least 3,500 years ago, like the cats more or less, and they served more or less for the same thing, ridding the houses of the invasions of mice, other small mammals and insects. 

They have also been highly valued as rabbit hunters.

The ferrets have a reputation for being aggressive, hyperactive and playful; and yet they sleep 14-18 hours a day, they are excellent companions for children and their curiosity overcomes their instinct, so they suffer many home accidents. 

They present a varied range of colors and, like good mustelids, anal glands that are NOT responsible for their characteristic smell, so the barbarous practice of extirpating them is not recommended.

Ferrets have peculiar characteristics and care

They are rather particular with regard to their diet, which is necessarily very meat-based, so it must be, if we buy it industrially, specifically or with the best qualities for cats. 

They love sweets, but they are very harmful to them, so be careful not to over indulge them.

The burrow where to rest must be in complete darkness and in a traquil zone to allow a good rest, and you can share it with your congeners (it is more, it is positive for these sociable little animals).

It is recommended to spend a good time playing with them. 

They love to explore and gardens are privileged spaces for them, but their excessive adventurism will constantly put them in mortal problems, so they must have a cage or enclosed space. 

Oh, and they can be taught to relieve themselves in sand boxes, like cats, although it’s not easy, as they say.

Medically ferrets are more like dogs than cats. 

They should be vaccinated with distemper and rabies, their nails should be trimmed and brushed. 

As for the diseases themselves, include adrenal hyperplasia, insulinoma, epithelial catarrhal enteritis or Aleutian disease, none pleasant and all dangerous. 

Thus, although it is an animal that requires more care than cats and dogs in general, it is an excellent pet, intelligent and with personality.


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