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Trump Uses Military Funds for the Border Wall

Will the Mexican Border Wall get built?

Washington (Consortium News)- The Government on Thursday took away billions of dollars away from the funding of 17 jets for the Navy and Air Force & various other army programs in order to free up assets for the building and construction of a wall on the American border with Mexico, this move outraged not just the Democrats but Republicans that frequently promote self-defense investing. Mark Esper authorized a request from the Division of Homeland Security […]

The United States Space Force wants 15.4 billion dollars

The United States Space Force uniform

The United States Space Force wants 15.4 billion dollars for 2021 during the initial application after its conception in December 2019. The amount embodies 2% of the whole military budget plan of 750 billion US dollars proposed by Donald Trump, comparable to the GDP of nations like Nicaragua, Jamaica, and even Georgia, COMBINED… The sought amount is as follows: 2.4 billion dollars for acquisitions. $ 2.5 billion for operations as well as routine maintenance. 10.3 […]

What will Democrats do now since Trump’s Impeachment failed?

Yes, Its' true, Trumps' Impeachment failed

¬†Trump’s Impeachment failed, as the United States Senate voted against impeaching, and he was acquitted of both charges – abuse of power and also obstruction of Congress. Consortium News team talked with Pavel Tarusin regarding the effect this may have on the presidential initiative. ” It might be said that the political trial facing Trump was certainly not going to be successful because Republicans hold a majority within the United States Senate, and popular opinion […]

President of Venezuela to Visit Donald Trump

The Acting President of Venezuela to Visit Donald Trump

Donald Trump will receive at the White House the adversary political leader and self-proclaimed acting president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido. The conference is arranged for 2:00 pm Washington time, basing on the International Correspondence Office, the dissemination body of the Venezuelan leader. The updates arrive after Guaido was actually present as a very special visitor during the pep talk of the Trump State of the Union speech. In the course of the event, the United […]

Tesla Stocks Booming

Tesla Stocks Booming Hitting an All-time high

Yes, Its true, Tesla Stocks Booming – The rate of securities of American electric-powered car manufacturer Tesla restored its all-time high by getting to $ 780 per share, basing on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Tesla ended its trading session on February 3rd with a surge of 19.89% to get to its record of $ 780 per share. The capitalization of the service provider surpassed 140,000 million US dollars. The share price tag escalated soon after […]

Will Trump be Acquitted in Senate Impeachment Trial? Here Is The Scoop

Donald Trumps Senate Impeachment Trial

President Donald Trump is almost certain to be acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial. Here is a quick look at the roadway to his impeachment and trial. THE MUELLER REPORT¬† In July 2017, 2 obscure Democrats in the house of Representatives make the very first effort to impeach Trump, basing it on examinations into Moscow’s disturbance or activity in the 2016 U.S. elections. They submit official charges called short articles of impeachment, declaring that Trump […]

Trump will speak at an anti-abortion Lobbyists rally in Washington

Abortion Lobbyist rally in Washington

If 1000s of anti-abortion lobbyists march in Washington, D.C., Friday, Us President Trump will certainly be there. It’s the very first time a sitting leader is going to address the March for Life, a yearly activity organized years back in reaction to the 1973 Roe v. Wade judgment in which legislated abortion was introduced across the country. President Donald Trump will certainly deal with a welcoming target audience is an essential time– with his impeachment […]

Democrats Pushing Ahead on Trump’s’ Impeachment

Trumps Impeachment heats up as Democrats turn up the heat

Democrats Pushing Ahead on Trumps’ Impeachment hearing preparing arguments to get him out of the office. However, his fellow Republican politicians demonstrated absolutely no indications of lightening their level of resistance to the Democratic root cause. AMERICAN Representative Adam Schiff plus 6 additional Democratic “executives” are preparing arguments that Trump ought to be found guilty of 2 articles of impeachment that were successfully passed last month – misapplication or misuse of power and even obstruction […]

Does The Government Lie?

Is the Government lying to us

The question most asked is, Does The Government Lie? Here is the primary guideline about the federal government – whatever they say through its representatives regarding weapons, public relations adepts, and the mockingbird business media need to be thought about as a self-serving lie, or a distortion to fit a predefined program, according to many people we asked regarding his issue. For example, “we ought to question who is responsible for the shoot-down of the […]

Trump’s strong warning to Iran

Trump on Saturday issued a strong warning to Iran and made a threat to strike many targets within the Islamic Republic “fast and hard” in the event that they choose to strike back for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani. Trump released a number of twitter updates associated with Iran, the very same day the White House sent out an official notice to our elected representatives, under the War Powers Act, regarding a drone strike […]

Whooping Cough Outbreak Closes School

In spite of a 100% inoculation rate, a Texas school closes up very early for winter season break because of a whooping cough outbreak. Plainly the vaccine is failing to function or work as promoted. Supposing that there was persuading evidence that the inoculation or vaccination does not work and it reached St. Theresa Catholic Institution in Texas … Disclosed by on Dec. 19th, the institution encounters a break out of whooping cough, resulting […]

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