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NATO and American Spy Satellites

Secret American Spy Satellites

NATO back in the 1960s admitted having access to pictures made by¬†American spy satellites, where a jet-like vehicle was observed flying above the waters in the Caspian Sea. It was actually an ekranoplan, a new airplane-like vehicle created in the USSR that eventually acquired the pet name ‘Caspian Monster’ here in the West. The pictures revealed a trial run of a still-experimental vehicle that would eventually be a foundation for the development of the Lun […]

Let’s Take a Look at the Samsung S20

The Samsung S20 review

The Southern Korean titan introduced its brand new premium mobile phone & stunned everybody with the crown jewel video camera: The Samsung S20. The brand-new mobile phone is available in 3 designs appropriate with 5G modern technology. The highest-end Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features 108 MPx and also Nona Binning or Re-Mosaic innovation, which is actually comparable to 3 times that of the S10. Additionally, it features an ultra-wide 12 MPx electronic camera using a […]

British Airways Boeing 747 Set New Flight Record

A 747 sets new world-speed record

LONDON (Consortium News) – A British Airways Boeing 747 set a new transatlantic flight speed record for a subsonic air-plane, the Flight radar company that keeps track of air traffic confirmed. British Airways flight BA112 covered a range of 5,554 kilometers between The big apple and The city of London in just 4 hrs & 56 mins. The typical time for this particular trip is actually 6 hrs & 13 mins. The aircraft got to […]

Russia has the First Autonomous Nuclear Submarine

Russia Nuclear Submarine

Russia now has the Technology to develop the very first autonomous nuclear submarine, claims a review from Forbes. At the same time, the United States, as well as various other Western nations, are still far away from creating this kind of a sub, this individual adds. Regarding reconnaissance missions, they are looked at as being “significantly efficient in fulfilling manned submarine mission assignments”, the post claims. The magazine points out that the United States unmanned […]

An Oncologist Reveals the Secret to Preventing Cancer

Secret to Preventing Cancer

The internet is constantly making an effort to sell you the secret to preventing cancer, However, what dramatically decreases the danger of getting this specific condition is not a healthy and balanced lifestyle or even modifications in eating behaviors, but frequent medical examinations noted Oncologist Alexandr Dorofeyev.¬† ” In order to minimize the threat, it is essential, to start with a visit to the physician. This enables our team to recognize the peritumoral pathologies and […]

Why Mankind Has Not Found Aliens?

The Reason Why Mankind Has Not Found Aliens

Specialist Alexandr Panov from the department of nuclear physics in the Academy of Moscow clarified why mankind has not found aliens, yet. The primary obstacle for human beings and aliens are strong radio discharges produced by the Sun’s rays, pointed out Panov, who is the supervisor at the scientific-cultural facility SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) the Institute for Russian scientific research. Basing on him, these discharges are so strong that it will be virtually inconceivable […]

24 Apps That Threaten Your Android Devices

Android Devices that are spying on you

We reveal a checklist of 24 Apps that threaten your Android devices if you have these installed. To stop additional damages, Google Play got rid of these types of apps from its own network, however, more than 380 million downloads and installs have already been made. Basing on the report, these kinds of apps were created by the Chinese firm Shenzhen Hawk, which consequently is a branch of TCL. It is claimed that the deleted […]

The United States B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber

The US B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber Makes Its Appearance

The United States Air Force released a number of pictures of the sophisticated B-21 Raider stealth bomber, which will take the place of the B-2 and B-1B inside the N. American fleet. The photos, that reveal the bomber at 3 American bases, are rather blurred. Nevertheless, several specifics regarding the brand-new plane show up and even permit some final thoughts to be drawn regarding what will likely be the primary bomber within the united state […]

MQ-4C Triton Surveillance Drones

Testing the MQ-4C Triton Surveillance Drones

The United States Navy has deployed 2 of its MQ-4C Triton surveillance drones at the Andersen Air Force Base, situated in Guam. Those are actually high-capacity drones that are going to soar over the Pacific zone in order to send details about East Asia to the Government. It is assumed that at the conclusion of March both added aircraft will be integrated towards operations executed from the United States Air Force Academy within the Pacific. […]

Manage Receivables Risk Without Losing Sales Transactions

Keeping Track of Sales Transactions

Manage Receivables Risk Without Losing Sales Transactions When you make sales transactions, this will enter into the accounting book record, then the agreement between you as the seller is automatically completed. However, this is not certain either. Because the agreement between the seller and buyer is declared complete when the transaction actually makes money. Where, after you send the product or provide service to the customer, you will send an invoice in the form of […]

The Easy Real Estate CRM

The Only Real Estate CRM you will ever need

In this blog, you will be getting an insight into the Fynsis Real Estate CRM for Letting Agencies. CRM takes your real estate agency to the next level and your team would love to work on a robust system to help them manage customers more effectively. Share your listings via WhatsApp and email Email and WhatsApp your listings to your clients and colleagues from your desktop computer or cell. Create comparative market reports with active […]

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