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US Not Content With Accusing Russia Of Election Meddling

Who is behind the Election Meddling

Not content with just accusing Russia of election meddling, U.S. officials also say that Moscow is attempting to “sow discord” through spreading disinformation about the coronavirus and the position of the U.S. in developing and reacting internationally. Officials at the US State Department said that Russia is behind an online campaign to blame the United States government for coronavirus. Without citing specific examples, sources told Middle East headlines news team that the foreign government uses “false personas” to […]

Michael Bloomberg Thinks Bernie Sanders Acting Like Trump

Is Sanders Acting Like Donald Trump?

Is Bernie Sanders Acting Like Trump? – Michael Bloomberg on Friday claimed that the “Trump-like language” of rival Bernie Sanders inspired supporters to vandalize one of the campaign headquarters in Tennessee and elsewhere in the country. The campaign said Thursday night, Vandals spray-painted using the word “oligarch” at the doors of Bloomberg’s office in Knoxville, Tennessee. “We do not really know who was responsible for this property damage, however, we do know that the Sanders […]

The Political Spectrum Have Little Faith

Little Faith in the Political Spectrum

US voters across the political spectrum have little faith in the fairness of the method of nominating a candidate from either party, but Democrats are particularly likely to have reservations about the mechanism of their own party. 41 percent of Democratic voters say they have a lot or quite a bit of confidence in the nomination process of the Democratic Party, while 34 percent have moderate trust and 25 percent have little or no faith. […]

Trump Admits He Lied Under Oath

President Donald Trump Admits He Lied Under Oath

Not long after getting acquitted in the ‘impeachment’, Trump Admits He Lied Under Oath during the bureaucratic trial he went through for misusing his position to hurt a potential challenger for the 2020 presidential election. Specifically, the US president was implicated in using his position as the leader of a powerful nation by adding pressure on Ukraine to get Joe Biden and also his son checked out. Throughout the legislative investigation, Trump emphatically denied he […]

Russia Rejected New US Sanctions Against Cuba

Sanctions Against Cuba Are Rejected By Russia

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov rejected new US sanctions against Cuba, emphasizing that they reveal Washington’s failure to crack the will of Cuba. ” We think that the fostering of brand-new limiting actions reveals Washington’s lack of ability to bend the will of people of Cuba, to enforce their viewpoint and even their values,” claimed the top Russian diplomat within an interview with the Prensa Latina organization. Lavrov mentioned that “the mind-boggling bulk […]

What Do Hedgehogs and Brexit Have In Common?

The Battle Between Hedgehogs and Brexit

British farming policies regarding Hedgehogs and Brexit, changes will be made after the UK leaves the European Union to update old regulation of the alliance, which may put numerous wild animals under the gun. The brand new regulations might, as an example, show a significant reduction in the nation’s hedgehogs, whose population has presently dropped 97% since the 1950s, basing on 2018 reports. According to the legislation that is currently in the books, during the […]

Democrats Accuse Trump of cheating in the Next Election

Trump accused of cheating to win 2020 election

The Democrats started their accusation of the indictment in the political litigation in opposition to Donald Trump in the United States senate implicating him of having intended to “cheat” in the upcoming November political elections, on the 2nd day of a procedure that is most likely to finish with the United States leader’s acquittal. Please Share This Post:

Trump’s emergency limit set at $ 5 million

(FEMA) confirmed today that the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico have set Trump’s emergency limit to $ 5 million. It will not be until President Donald Trump signs a disaster zone declaration – as requested by Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced on Saturday – that FEMA may begin offering individual assistance and reimbursements to local governments for emergency expenses in which they have incurred in the last days. Under the emergency declaration signed by Trump last […]

Twas The night before the whistleblower

The night before the whistleblower grievance that introduced U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment was revealed, Democrats and Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee gathered to get a first look at the file. For Democrats, it was an immediate bombshell, a “jaw-hit-the-floor sort of minute,” one legislator stated. Another was watching the Republican associates, watching whether they were having a comparable response. However, the Democrats didn’t get the response they were wishing for from Republicans. And […]

Trump’s Twitter storm reflected his mood prior to the vote

Trump’s Twitter storm reflected his mood prior to the vote, “spinning with varying surges of rage and even confidence,” as The Washington Post’s Ashley Parker disclosed Tuesday, as 1000s asked for his dismissal in demonstrations throughout the nation, and even fresh polling indicated 49 per-cent of Americans uphold impeaching and getting rid of him from power, measured up to 46 per-cent who want him to remain in power… On Tuesday, the president struck back at […]

Trump Told Swedish protester Greta Thunberg To”Work On Her Anger Problem”

United States Commander in chief Donald Trump urged Swedish protester Greta Thunberg, to work on her “anger problem” and even go to the movie theater to “relax.”. ” Extremely outrageous. Greta needs to work on her anger management issue, and then go see a really good movie with a friend! Relax, Greta, relax,” the leader recorded on his Twitter social media network profile. So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go […]

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