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Middle East Terrorism – New Argument for Intervention

Violent Islamic extremism and Middle East Terrorism have been added to the list of fundamental concerns that lie behind current US policy and its interventions. The fight against terrorism, which began in North Africa with the bloody war between the Algerian government and the Islamist opposition in the nineties, has spread throughout the Middle East in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 attacks on U.S.  Terrorism will remain for a long time one of the […]

Why is America Involved in the Middle East?

Middle East – There is a risk that US interventions, motivated by the fight against terrorism, are determined by what is militarily feasible rather than by what is politically desirable. Given its current status as a sole superpower, the United States feels empowered to intervene where and when it sees fit to safeguard its particular interests, protect its allies and, at least from its point of view, repair injustices and make the world a better […]

Muslim Society and the Turbulence within the Middle East

One of the most vital figures regarding Muslim Brotherhood since its emergence back in 1928, would be the works of a deceased Egyptian Muslim historian named Sayyid Qutb (1906-66), “Turbulence within the Middle East”. This individual continues to be unknown, however, the man has certainly been mentioned as the configuration that possesses the highest influence within al-Qaida leaders specifically, Usama Bin Ladin and even Dr Anwar al-Zawahiri. Sayyid Qutb is a striking figure in regard […]

Significantly Hotter Earth Will Crush Food Supply

Records of worldwide temperature shift reveal that people are going to get a significantly hotter earth by 2050. That is, as researchers say “a sure thing”. Whats certain is that food will be impacted, unless initiatives are created to set-up protocols to insure the planet has the ability to provide for it’s 9 billion occupants in the next thirty years. Experts claim that the world pre-dated humankind with many millions of yrs, and even a […]

Genetically created viruses can become the future generation of war

Lots of modern Technologies possess double usage Genetically created viruses that could be used on both noncombatant or even defensive ventures, depending upon the objective of those individuals in charge. German rocket technological innovation resulted in the development of V2 ballistic rockets during WW2 and even allowed the United States to start it’s own space exploration missions in the second half of the 20th century. The modern Technology likewise helped the United States create its […]

White House Fear and Loathing

United States of America was undoubtedly heavily up in arms with itself during the 1960 s, however this time, the White House Fear and Loathing arrives from the Trump Administration. Today we learn that Cesar Sayoc, has been caught and charged for presumably sending out thirteen explosive letters to numerous people within the USA. Those people had something in-common: these individuals were generally critics or bureaucratic rivals of Donald Trump. People Ask if Donald Trump […]

Keeping the United States War Machine Inside its Own Borders

United States War Machine – The United state of america is now withdrawing from a crucial arms-control commitment, whining that it is the sole party in conformity, and therefore it wants the right to use short- as well as medium-range ballistic rockets. John Bolton, the national-security consultant to Commander in chief  Donald Trump, was in Moscow recently meeting Russian head Vladimir Putin as well as various other top Kremlin representatives. Bolton huffed about the Intermediate-range […]

Cruelty in Horse Racing

Horse Racing is well known around the world and a place for those who wager, for those who choose their luck and for those who win. It’s a place which is all about money. But I have experienced this place in a different way, a place which is similar to hell for horses, a place which is full of cruelty. It looks very fair and enjoyable, but who knows what was going on behind the […]

Changing of Technology and Innovation

Throughout the years, innovation has altered our point of view of the world, today’s Technology and Innovation have made astounding changes by making data readily available. Present day innovation has made it possible to have numerous useful gadgets like the smartwatch and the cell phone. With these transformations, innovation  and Changing of Technology that made our lives simpler, quicker, better… and more fun. Each human who lives in the western world has seen how this […]

The future of NASA – Video footage

Jesse Ventura along with Brigida Santos talk about the foreseeable future of NASA in regard to financing, as the Trump government switches full operation to the private sector. Jim Cantrell, Chief Executive Officer for Vector Space, speaks about the private ownership which might very soon take the place of nation regions as the leading innovator of outer space.   Like this story? Share it with a friend! Please Share This Post:

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