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Iran and internal politics regarding coronavirus

Ccoronavirus, Iran and its Internal Politics

IRAN – (Consortium News) – The moment the coronavirus was uncovered inside Iran, the government’s initial internal statements had absolutely nothing to do with medical protocols, but everything to do with internal politics. They passed on jail sentences amounting to 58 yrs for 8 of the nation’s popular environmental researchers, every one of them is a registered member of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Fund (PWHF). The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or (IRGC) apprehended the PWHF […]

Iran surviving a perfect storm of US sanctions

Iran is surviving the perfect storm

The Iran New Year festivity of Nowruz is surviving a perfect storm of US sanctions, reduced crude oil rates, as well as Covid-19. The arising humanitarian situation might help make them even more resistant since the Iranian people started to rally all-around their governing administration. Iran is dealing with an existential problem, prompted with a mix of financial, bureaucratic and even community emergency situations that, whenever integrated, threaten to push the country down to its […]

Iranian forces Recruit 9000 Young Fighters

Iranian forces Recruit new Fighters

Iranian forces and their proxies in Syria recruit 9000 young fighters from regional Shia neighborhoods within the south and north-east of the nation, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) the other day. Iranian-backed Shia militias supposedly hired over 5,350 boys from the southern provinces of Syria and nearly 3,600 from the north-eastern provinces east of the Euphrates River. In the southern province of Daraa, the Alawite militia ‘Saraya Al-Areen’ – part of […]

Missiles Strike Iraq Base Killing Foreign Military Members

Katyusha missiles Hit Iraqi base

An Iraqi base that was hosting international military members was struck with a battery of missiles Saturday, Iraqi authorities claimed. A comparable strike Wednesday murdered 3 individuals, that included a couple of Americans. A number of missiles reached Camp Taji to the north of Baghdad, Stars and Stripes disclosed, confirmed by Iraqi leaders. Currently, there was very little knowledge regarding casualties. Second-hand information within Iraqi social networks claimed as many as twenty Katyusha missiles have […]

Explosions Disrupt President Ashraf Ghani Speach In Afghanistan

Leader Ashraf Ghani elected again as president of Afghanistan

Explosions disrupted the very first address of Ashraf Ghani, the new leader of Afghanistan, in the course of the event held in the Presidential Royal Residence in Kabul soon after taking his vow. The video recording released by the Afghan news organization TOLONews, reveals the precise time of these explosions as Ghani goes on with the speech in spite of everything. Security quickly enters to encompass the leader, that is still reading before an audience […]

Turkish Soldiers Died in Syria Airstrike

35 Turkish Soldiers Died in Syria Airstrike Recently

At least 35 Turkish soldiers died in Syrian airstrike simply because nobody knew/realized they were there, Putin told Erdogan, he also said that the “situation in the Syrian territory is so alarming that explicit discussions are required”. “At the start of our conference, I would like to express my genuine condolences for the loss of your soldiers inside Syria,” Vladimir Putin said to Recep Tayyip Erdogan that was closely-watched in Moscow, describing recent airstrikes at […]

Terrorists Tried to Detonate Munitions

Terrorists Try to destroy Chemical containers

News In The Middle East – A band of terrorists tried to detonate munitions containing poisonous compounds within the Syrian city of Idlib, the press in Syria disclosed. “On March 2nd, to avoid the advancement of Syrian government forces in the urban area of Saraqib, a team of 15 terrorists made an effort to detonate a number of containers filled with hazardous compounds,” the note claims. The reports stated that “there is proof of a […]

Washington And The Taliban Strike A Deal

Did Washington And The Taliban Strike A Deal?

Washington and the Taliban Strike a deal, that sets out conditions for the extraction of American and NATO soldiers from Afghanistan. The arrangement was confirmed by United States peace intermediary to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and also one of the Taliban’s top innovators, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, at Qatar’s capital Doha Saturday. The agreement will see Washington and also its own allies taking their troopers out of 5 bases inside Afghanistan in the upcoming 135 days. […]

Russia-Turkey-NATO War

The Russia-Turkey-NATO War Continues

More news about the Russia-Turkey-NATO War – Syrian military apparently hit positions of Turkish armed forces within Idlib causing 33 deaths. Today the Turkish government is asking NATO for its protection. The spokesperson said that “we call upon NATO to begin talks as this is not an attack on Turkey alone it is an attack on the international community” and that a quick reaction is needed. This individual claimed that “these attacks were also aimed […]

Syria Fights Back Against Terrorists

Terrorists run scared as Syria Fights Back

Syria Fights Back (Consortium News) – Moscow says the Syrian people have the right to protect themselves against terrorists, Russian spokesperson pointed out that Russia cannot interfere. Moscow and its Army are in no position whatsoever to put a hold on Syrians that the UN Council endorsed, allowing Damascus the right to fight back against attacks by any terrorist groups and organizations. Most recently, a Syrian airstrike took the lives of 33 soldiers that were […]

The Real Motivations of American Foreign Policy

Real American Foreign Policy

Few American presidents, including Donald Trump, have publicly admitted to the real motivations of American foreign policy. But will we get the complete picture, and what is lacking in trumps admissions? US President Donald Trump went for broke and revealed some much-needed international policy facts about the US. By announcing that “its’s time for the USA to hand over the war against the Islamic extremist militant group (IS, previously ISIS / ISIL) to Moscow, Iran, […]

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