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Physical Distancing Altering Funeral Arrangements

Funerals and social distancing

ONTARIO (Consortium News) – Physical distancing is definitely altering the manner people live their daily lives and even Altering Funeral Arrangements as we pay respects to those that passed away. Funeral chapels claim services and gatherings are being delayed, called off, or else live-streamed. ” We really wanted to feature a celebration of life, as well as have some sort of closure,” mentioned Jody Ried. For Ried, physical distancing obstructed the service program for her […]

Oshawa food store worker tested positive for coronavirus

Oshawa Ontario Superstore hit with coronavirus

Oshawa, Ontario -Given that the number of coronavirus instances keeps rising all over the province, a worker in an Oshawa food store has now tested positive for COVID-19. Within an announcement Monday evening, Loblaws Chief Executive Officer Galen Weston explained that the Real Canadian Supermarket at Gibb St. was closed down right away to get a deeper clean. Also, all of the consumers who recently went shopping there have been alerted of the medical diagnosis/finding […]

Canadian coronavirus outbreak update

Canada coronavirus update

The Canadian death numbers created by the coronavirus outbreak leaped beyond 50 percent Sunday, as quick-tempered administrators threatened individuals declining to take safety measures to combat the spreading of this extremely infectious virus. The number of fatalities created by the respiratory system virus increased to twenty by 6 pm on Sunday, out of thirteen from yesterday, Ottawa announced, although the number of verified cases has jumped to 1,430 from 1,099, there seem to be coronavirus […]

First Nations Readies For Coronavirus

First Nations getting ready for the Coronavirus

The Weeneebayko Health Authority, that caters to First Nations in the James Bay & Hudson Bay coastline, readies for the Coronavirus. The local medical facility at Moose Factory purchased a couple of transportable ventilators to include in its own existing stock, they will show up in 2 to 3 weeks, basing on the medical expert. The Moose Factory medical center does not have an Intensive Care Unit and anyone needing treatment will be piloted to […]

Coronavirus: Loblaws Stores Push Social Distancing

Loblaws Pushing Social Distancing

Loblaws stores, Just like most people worldwide practice and try to ensure social distancing, grocery shops continue to be congested, as folks get ready for a prospective quarantine. Amongst Canada’s biggest grocers, Loblaws, revealed Friday it will certainly start a number of preventive procedures in order to restrict the spreading of COVID-19. The exec chairperson, Galen Weston, published a video clip on Twitter explaining that Loblaws outlets have started decreasing store hours in order to […]

Toronto Creating Programs To Protect The Homeless From COVID-19

Toronto Homeless and the COVID-19

The Metropolitan area of Toronto claims it is now creating programs in order to protect people that are homeless due to COVID-19. Mary-Anne Bedard, a supervisor of the urban area’s shelter and housing management, informed press reporters in a  conference Tuesday that there are “no recognized/confirmed occurrences regarding COVID-19 within Toronto’s shelters.” However, Bedard included that homeless individuals are in danger of acquiring the infection due to the fact that many of them have “persistent […]

Gas Prices In Halifax Take a Nosedive

Gas Prices In Halifax drop sharply

HALIFAX – Gas prices have been taking a nosedive within New Brunswick and even Prince Edward Island as a result of the continuing decrease in the cost of crude oil. Gasoline is actually down 11.5 for each litre in Prince Edward Island, bringing in the new rate to 83.3 cents for every litre. Diesel went down by 3.5 per litre, currently being offered at a price of 98.2 per litre. Throughout New Brunswick, the rate […]

The Coronavirus Closes Schools In Halifax

The Deadly Coronavirus Closes Schools In Halifax

HALIFAX – Schools in New Brunswick are closed due to the Coronavirus, schools in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will close for 2 weeks following March break as the federal government and health authorities work to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Nova Scotia The province verified Sunday that public schools will be closed for 2 weeks – the weeks of March 23rd and March 30th – following the break and will then be reassessed. […]

Navigating The Coronavirus In Toronto

Toronto Ontario dealing with the Coronavirus

TORONTO (Consortium News) – Even though the most reliable method of slowing down the spreading of the coronavirus in Toronto is simply to stay at home, this might not be an option for everyone. If you need to be about, here is what you must know to navigate throughout your neighborhood, by governmental transportation, Uber or perhaps with cars and trucks, during this COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Things are evolving quickly, therefore, make sure to […]

Quebec Government Prohibited all Indoor Events

Government Prohibited all Indoor Events due to Coronavirus

Quebec – Government leaders have prohibited just about all indoor events, advising that individuals originating from outside the region/country should self-isolate for 2 weeks, no matter where they come from. This is now compulsory with regard to public workers plus all employees in the medical & educational field (public or nonpublic). Any individual displaying flu-like signs and symptoms must likewise stay at home for two weeks. Montreal is actually closing up stadiums, public libraries, swimming […]

Tolerance is Wearing Thin with Indigenous-led Railway Blockades

Indigenous-led Railway Blockades

PM Justin Trudeau met late on Thursday with provincial premiers and expressed disappointment at Ottawa’s approach to the continuing Indigenous-led railway blockades. Talking to CBC News, provincial sources said some Premiers notified Trudeau that “patience is wearing thin” within provincial communities. The demonstrations have continued for several weeks and also have effectively pushed 1,500 rail workers out of jobs. Several Premiers even raised concerns about the rise of counter-protests that emerged on the locations of […]

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