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5 Reasons to Adopt Rescue Dogs

Basing on the ASPCA, 3.3 million canines go into shelters every year in the United state of America, even though this amount has actually decreased since 2011 (out of 3.9 million) currently there are still countless rescue dogs hanging around inside shelters waiting for permanent residence. October was and is Adopt a Sheltered rescued dog Month; below are 5 advantages for adopting rescue dogs. 1. INDIVIDUALS WON’T BE ENCOURAGING DOG MILLS In the event that […]

Truck driver saves dogs tossed from a moving car on New York city freeway

State trooper on Saturday requested the general public’s assistance in order to find the suspect regarding this occurrence Wednesday on Interstate 81, close to Whitney Point, to the north of Binghamton. Topics you might like: How to act before an abandoned puppy? Fearfulness In Puppies And What To Do About It Up until now, police have absolutely no leads. A truck driver driving by pointed out the canines were actually tossed out of the back […]

10 Weirdest Chicken Breeds in the World

The array of distinct chicken breeds you can find readily and this is the best thing we suppose. Here we narrowed 10 weirdest types of chicken breeds present in the world. And because of this, you can make your coop a poultry menagerie, full with plumage of every color and pattern if you so wish, and there are a number of breeds which are far more quirky than you ever can think about! Have a […]

Animal fidelity – Until death do us part

Humans are not the inventors of marriage for life or eternal love. In fact, many times we are not capable of fidelity even for periods that are shorter than eternity.  In the animal kingdom, however, there are different examples of species that remain together throughout their lives.  And this, despite the fact that the studies carried out during the last years have ruined some myths that existed about the idyllic relationships of some animals, which have […]

Healthy Food For Feeding Of Horses

Horses are animals that require a series of very special care, including a balanced feeding of horses, so that the animal remains healthy and strong. In this way, it is very important to know what they can or should eat, as well as what can be done to supplement their diets depending on the individual needs of the animal. A balanced diet You know how much you feed a #horse in the morning to get a days […]

Pet hotels, a bittersweet solution

In our overdeveloped western and com-modified world, we can find solutions for almost everything, luxury helps to cover up guilt, welcome to pet hotels. Vacations are often hindered by the presence of a pet, some say. It should be noted that, more and more frequently, all types of establishments accept the presence of dogs, cats and other well-behaved pets.  I Declare War on Dog poop However, there are places that do not accept them, and due […]

Cat Food Allergy Symptoms and Intolerance to food

To begin with, an intolerance or cat food allergy symptoms are not the same as an allergy.   In the first case the organism does not digest well certain foods and when consuming them, the person or pet can suffer an irritation of the intestine or stomach that causes colic’s or diarrhoea, for example. I Declare War on Dog poop and Cat Food Allergy Symptoms An allergy is a much more serious issue, because when consuming […]

Pet originality

Pet originality is one of the values ​​of our time. It is something evident, as well as paradoxical; In a world in which we resemble each other (we eat the same, we see the same programs, we think the same, we live the same), each of us anxiously seeks to differentiate ourselves in some way from others.   Many times, a pet offers us that possibility to distinguish ourselves. Thus, we all know someone who has a rat […]

Funny accessories for pets

We love them, and in many cases we humanize them to almost ridiculous limits with accessories for pets. Our pets are part of our lives and we attribute human qualities and weaknesses of our species, although in some cases, the passage of time and the influence of man. We have an example in dogs and their sweaters. It is totally true that in the wild, we will never see a dog dressed in clothes, but we were […]

How to act before an abandoned puppy?

Would you know what to do if you go down the street and find yourself in front of an abandoned puppy?  Of course we are talking about dogs or cats, the animals that we could meet in our daily life unexpectedly.  These are the steps to take in case of meeting an animal alone on the street.  First of all we must make sure that the animal is really abandoned.  In some places it is […]

I Declare War on Dog poop

Dog poop on the sidewalks and urine in the corners of buildings have become a real problem of coexistence between citizens and owners of dogs with little education.  And from here we want to highlight the owners with little education because it is not a problem of coexistence with dogs.  For starters, the dogs behave as they are educated.  If the dog is taught that he can not urinate against a wall and that he […]

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