Five effective strategies for those that Can’t sleep thinking too much

You worry too much? Do you think about the meaning, the causes and the consequences, why you Can’t sleep thinking too much explained.

When we are sad, we try to understand the situation that generates discomfort in order to find solutions and answers.

However, during the past 20 years, numerous studies have shown the opposite .  

To think too much produces many adverse consequences , have you noticed ?: your mood gets worse because you focus on your most negative thoughts and feelings, it does not help you therefore to find solution to your problems, it ends with the desire to try to solve it. Only a distorted and pessimistic approach to life is achieved.

If you tend to think too much, then your goal will be to develop the ability to cut obsessive thinking, to reinterpret and replace these thoughts with constructive and realistic ones .

People who are truly happy have the ability to distract themselves and engage in pleasant activities that keep them away from these somber reflections. 

People who find it difficult to get rid of unfavourable information, are the most unhappy, depends on the negative interpretation, almost any event can make you feel bad about yourself.

How to stop thinking too much? 

This is a difficult task, the ideal is not to start doing it, because once it starts, you feel the imperative need to solve everything.

The first thing you have to do is: stop thinking too much !. There are five effective strategies:

1 – Distract!

The activity you choose must be interesting enough. The best things are the activities that make you feel happy , curious, calm, fun or proud.

2 – Can’t sleep thinking too much technique

It consists of telling yourself “enough” . You have to realize that you have started to think too much and its time to get rid of that negative emotions, those warning signs will appear in an unpleasant way, so, give yourself the instruction to stop, and change the focus of attention to whatever you are doing to that distracting activity that you like instead. Yes it’s that simple.

3 – Thirty minutes

The third is to reserve thirty minutes every day to devote to thinking in excess… yes, that is, you will have a limited time per day to worry, but a specific time, you can not do it for the rest of the day. 

If the concern appears at a time not intended for it, you should postpone until the agreed time. Ideally, those thirty minutes are at a time of day that you are not anxious or sad.

4 – Talk to a good friend

Someone understanding and trusting to vent and receive advice. This person has to be able to think objectively and not make you feel worse. Nor can you abuse this strategy, tiring your friends.

5 – Write those concerns

Writing will help you organize your ideas and find meaning in many of your thoughts.

On the other hand, it will be essential that you begin to solve the specific problems that are within your reach, little by little, but as soon as possible. 

If you are not clear about how, make a list with all the alternatives that you can think of and start to implement those that most convince you.

This part I love: If you have doubts, think about how someone you admire would act .

Do not wait for them to help you to solve it, act now on your own, because even the smallest step will help improve your mood and your confidence.

And reflect: this concern that overwhelms you now will be important in five years? Two? one’s? , the answer to these questions will help you to elucidate the real importance of it.

If the answer is yes, you will have to focus on learning about the worrying situation, grow as a person and persevere.

And you? What strategies do you put in place to cut off excessive worries? 

Can’t sleep thinking too much? Tell us your experience? 

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