China Warns Against Canadian Cannabis Usage

Canadian Cannabis Usage might be legitimate today in Canada, yet a minimum of 3 Oriental federal governments are actually cautioning their residents to stay clear of it.

China, the latest to weigh in, really did not go that far.

Its own government office located in the heart of Toronto, released a statement Friday ,advising Chinese people within the district & college students specifically – “to avoid contact with and use of marijuana for the sake of ensuring own physical and mental health.”

Canada approved the sale of recreational cannabis on Oct 17th 2018.

The Chinese announcement, published in the consular office’s internet site, consisted of a lengthy breakdown of “Canadian Provincial regulations”, encouraging it’s people to review it very carefully, so as to prevent running afoul of the new policies.

Japan as well as Southern Korea, cautioned their people residing in Canada even before legalization of weed.

The Japanese consular office located in Vancouver BC, cautioned in its own site, that Japanese legislation is forbidding the possession and or sale of cannabis saying that is can be against the law overseas and its citizens can be criminally charged.

” Japanese residents and travellers should take ample care to stay away from marijuana, including food and beverages that include marijuana,” the report read partially.

South Korea hosted relevant discussions, and even made use of a federal government internet site & telecasts to put down the law regarding its locals.

” Even in a place where marijuana is legalized, if our citizens smoke, purchase, possess or deliver marijuana, it’s a criminal act, so they will be punished,” the diplomatic office in Canada said on its twitter message. “Please be careful.”

No-one from Japan or even Southern Korea clarified just how they will impose their laws in opposition to smoking cannabis when in another country.

Law enforcement agencies along with customs authorities in Southern Korea did not respond to phone calls from Middle East Headlines News Team who were seeking clarification of the comments made by officials.


South Korea &Japan feature extremely stringent anti-drug rules.

Within Korea, smoking, purchasing, owning or even transporting cannabis is punishable by as much as 5 years behind bars, or a fine of approximately $44,000 US Dollars.

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