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Canadian Admits to ISIS Execution Video Clips

His alleged admission came as the government faces pressure to prosecute captured Canadian ISIS member’s, as the RCMP struggles to collect enough evidence to charge them.

The YPG is the Kurdish militia which dominates the SDF alliance fighting ISIS.

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, who was detained by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on Jan. 13th, has acknowledged his part in the ISIS video “Flames of War” and also “Flames of War 2”, the Rojava Information Centre revealed…

They include females that have married ISIS foreign fighters, and even their children, with numerous self-admitted international terrorist fighters coming from Toronto and even Montreal Canada such as  Mr. Mohammed.

The U.S. State Dept. asked countries around the globe to put and repatriate captured ISIS members on trial.

A lobby group for the families of those suspects still in detention, “Families Against Violent Extremism“, said that 29 Canadians were held within Kurdish camps and jails, and more are attempting to give themselves up to authorities.

This 55-min video ended with kneeling prisoners being shot in the back of their head and falling forward into a massive grave they dug using shovels.

The same narrator’s voice is heard in this 2017 video clip “Flames of War 2”, which showed prisoners digging their own grave and then ends with their execution.

In that Flames of War video, the narrator praised jihadist fighters that came to Syria from around the globe claiming they were all “chosen by Allah.”

The group said that he wrote the scripts but that it could not yet confirm it’s his voice heard reading them in the videos, although that now seems likely.

This harshness never wavered and was a “constant trait of the brothers.”

During a scene that showed the mass execution of prisoners lying face-down, he said ISIS was “harsh against the kuffar [non-believers] This harshness never wavered and was a constant trait of the brothers.”

A Canadian caught in the northern part of Syria a month ago has admitted helping to produce the ISIS propaganda video which showed prisoners digging their own graves & executed, according to local sources.

The YPG is the Kurdish militia that dominates the SDF alliance fighting ISIS.

Shortly after Mr. Mohammed was caught in the last stronghold of ISIS territory, Middle East Headlines news team reported he seemed to be the long-sought Canadian narrator of the video and many of the terror group’s that other people released.

The very same voice has claimed responsibility for the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris which killed 130.

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