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Campaign Buttons And Their Uses

Campaign buttons, also known as custom buttons, is a pin that people use for advertising during politics.

Many politicians use these custom buttons as badges or stickers to advertise their parties or to oppose their opponents. The history of these buttons dates back to as early as 1860 when they were used by Abraham Lincoln and his opponents. Today, some people have a unique hobby of collecting these as well. 


Campaign buttons were used as clothing buttons when they were first introduced. Due to their popularity, though, they started transforming into many forms such as images, pin-back buttons, and images. Today, there are graphic images that can be used on the websites of users to show their support to a particular party.

How are they useful?

If you belong to a party, you would want people to support you during the elections. You would want more and more people to know about your party, policies and your key objectives. This is why all the parties appoint a dedicated campaign manager. If you are this person, you would like to make use of these custom buttons effectively by making more and more people aware of your party and why you would make for a great choice.

When you distribute these custom buttons or campaign buttons of your party to the people who attend your rallies, you are positioning your candidate well in their minds. In short, these buttons help people to remember your candidates’ names and vote for them.

People buy buttons of their favorite candidates from various events. These campaign buttons serve as a reminder for them to vote for the right party on the correct date. You can get as creative as you can when you make these buttons. It doesn’t have to contain only the name and image of your candidate.

It can also contain a powerful slogan for your party’s key objective. Simple words such as “Your opinions matter,” “Brace for a positive change” etc. along with your candidate’s photo can make these custom buttons very effective in your political campaigns.

Tips for making your campaign buttons effective

  1. Crisp but clear

The message that you print on your custom button should be crisp but clear. A button may be a maximum of 4 inches in size. So, you need to get a plan for around 2 to 2.5 inches of message space because you also have to consider the space for the candidate’s photo. The visual appeal of your campaign button is very important for positioning your candidate properly in the minds of the voters.

  1. Avoid offensive content

Invest considerable time and effort in framing your slogans or messages for the buttons. While humor is good, you should know where to draw the line.

Humour, by way of making fun of your opponents or using abusive language against them, is definitely not appreciated. Your buttons could be attractively-colored and designed, but if they contain offensive content, people will not take a second look at them.

Therefore, think prudently and write honest and catchy slogans on your buttons.

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