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British Airways Boeing 747 Set New Flight Record

LONDON (Consortium News) – A British Airways Boeing 747 set a new transatlantic flight speed record for a subsonic air-plane, the Flight radar company that keeps track of air traffic confirmed.

British Airways flight BA112 covered a range of 5,554 kilometers between The big apple and The city of London in just 4 hrs & 56 mins. The typical time for this particular trip is actually 6 hrs & 13 mins.

The aircraft got to a speed of 1,327 kilometers ph, because of the powerful hurricane streams of the Ciara storm. Basing on the features of the Boeing 747-400, its own maximum rate of speed is 988 kilometers per hr.

Image result for The Concorde supersonic jet
The Concorde supersonic jet

“The promised foreseeable future”: will the Concorde 2.0 supersonic passenger jet end up being a reality?
The former record, basing on Flight radar, comes from a Norwegian airline company who journeyed the exact same distance in 5 hrs & 13 mins.

In the meantime, the leading record of air travel starting with New York to Greater London was actually established by a Concorde supersonic plane earlier in 1996 that took merely 2 hrs & 53 mins to get to its destination. However, the plane was deactivated in 2003.

The Ciara hurricane reached western and even northern Europe on February 9th and was actually the most severe in 7 yrs with respect to the UK. Hundreds of airline flights and even trains have been terminated throughout the countryside.

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