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Utah Mayor Killed In Kabul

The United States combatant killed in an assault within Kabul is identified as Brent Taylor, a mayor out of Utah.

Even though surprising to a few back at home, that is just the most recent such occurrence in a battle that major brass presently call “unwinnable.”

North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor was shipped out to Afghanistan with the Utah National Guard at the beginning of the year.

Taylor’s journey to Afghanistan was actually the 4th deployment for the daddy of 7 and was to be his last. ( No pun intended ) 

Trooper Taylor was killed in an ” obvious insider assault” within the City of Kabul Saturday.

The shooter was apparently a participant of the Afghan International Defense and Security Force – whom Taylor was deployed to teach & advise.

The shooter managed to wound one more trooper just before Afghan forces killed him.

Taylor’s passing was grieved by Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, that published that the Afghan battle ” has once again cost us the best blood of a generation.”

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