150 arrested In Pakistan over Blasphemy Charges

Police in Pakistan say that more than 150 individuals have been arrested on charges of arson, vandalism and even violence during the demonstrations that flared up after a Christian female was acquitted of blasphemy charges that came with the death punishment.

Police officer Nayab Haider said Sunday that “police have been taking advantage of video recording clips in order to recognize other involved in assaults, torching property & vehicles and even obstructing highways”

Pakistan’s Supreme court acquitted Asia Bibi Wednesday with a move that infuriated hardliner Islamist’s, who held three days of across the country demonstrations asking for her execution.

The Islamist’s ended the protests right after the government agreed to impose a travel a ban on Bibi and allowed her case to be reviewed by the court.

Insulting Islam is actually “punishable by death in Pakistan”, and even the mere gossip or rumow of doing this can easily prompt lynchings.

Revolts broke out throughout Pakistan after a Supreme Court ordered the release of Asia Bibi, a Catholic woman of 5 kids, who has been on death row ever since 2010 implicated of blasphemy.

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