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Best Ways to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

No business wants to be found on the last pages of Google search results. Unfortunately, getting to the top is a real struggle for most businesses, we show you how to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google, fast.


This is because many of them just try to do SEO and hope to get the best results.

But, these laidback days are long gone now.

If you want to improve your keyword ranking in Google, you need to take the initiative and follow the simple techniques below to get that much-needed boost.

Qualify Target Keyword or Keywords

Among the most serious problems, today is that many businesses try ranking for keywords that are often too competitive in the first place. However, a new website must refrain from targeting these competitive keywords. This is why you have to undergo the process of qualifying your chosen keywords. After that, you have to analyze your competition for the target keyword to ensure that it will be worth your resources, effort, and time.

Perform an Analysis of Your Target Page

Even if you have stellar technical SEO and keyword research, you will never rank well if you have a less than exceptional target page. Remember that the actual page you want to rank in Google is the most important thing here. When your target page is not at par with the quality of what is currently ranking, you still have some work left to do. The secret here is to ensure that your target page should be adequately different and ten times more valuable than what already exists.

Audit Your Website

Poor user exchange and technical performance can bring down the performance of your website. This is why it is critical that you audit your website to ensure that it got a strong and solid foundation. Many people are not serious when it comes to user experience and technical SEO but this is a really big mistake. After you performed the site audit and got rid of all UX and technical concerns, it is time for you to dissect the specific page you want to rank for in Google.

Take Advantage of Your Existing Authority

Once you have published a keyword-targeted page, the next step is to find opportunities for injecting internal links into it. It is considered as the fastest method of sending authority to the page that often gives it an instant boost in your Google rank. You can add internal links on the majority of your authoritative pages.

Get More Backlinks

Backlinks are among the most crucial factors to increase the keyword rankings in Google. You can read some guide about backlinks as this will provide you with the foundation necessary for understanding how to effectively perform white hat link building.

Practice Patience

Many SEO gurus don’t mention this since their clients are putting some major pressure on them. Of course, no client would want to be told to be patient, especially since they are spending thousands of dollars on SEO services.

However, this is the truth.

Majority of SEO campaigns only begin to pick up steam within 4 to 6 months, but this is not a general rule. All campaigns are different, so they will unfold in their own unique ways. But, don’t veer off from the course. Continue to create value, get quality backlinks, and pay attention to user experience.

When you do these things on a regular basis, you will see an improvement in your keyword ranking in Google, without suffering from penalties.

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