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Attorney for PM Benjamin Netanyahu Committed Criminal Offenses

Israeli law enforcement mentioned Thursday in the final thoughts of a long-running corruption inquisition that  there was indication an attorney for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu committed criminal offenses.

Relating To David Shimron, a relative to Netanyahu and also the family attorney, “there is evidence that he committed bribery offenses and money laundering” in association with “Israel’s purchasing German submarines” made by titan Thyssenkrupp, law enforcement said in a statement.

In that statement he said that a “previous head of Netanyahu’s department, David Sharan, is suspected of bribery”, as is the past boss of the Israeli naval force, “Major General Eliezer Marom.”

Netanyahu was not actually listed as a suspect, even though he was questioned as part of the inquiry.

The  legal file is going to be turned over to the attorney general, who will make a decision whether or not the suspects “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” ought to be charged.

The investigation is among several in the police hands, which have resulted in rigorous examination regarding Netanyahu.

Within February, law enforcement agency suggested Netanyahu be prosecuted for at least 2 corruption probes, however the attorney general has still to make a decision whether or not to execute the charges.

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