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At least 4 Indian soldiers, 2 citizens killed in Siachen avalanche

BREAKING NEWS – 4 Indian military officers and also 2 door-persons were killed on Monday during an avalanche on the Siachen Icecap, a spokesperson mentioned on Monday.

The event, where 8 other individuals were literally trapped, happened at an elevation of 19,000 feet on the glacial mass.

“The root cause of loss of life is extreme hypothermia,” the spokesperson claimed, including that 2 of the 8 individuals had already been saved.

The Siachen Icecap within the Karakoram range is referred to as the highest militarized region on the planet.

Hundreds of Indian and Pakistani soldiers dispute an area with elevations over 20,000 feet in which these individuals need to handle elevation health issues, very high blowing wind, frostbite and also temperature levels as low as minus 60 degrees Celsius.

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