Astronaut thinks sending humans to Mars is ridiculous

One of the very first cosmonauts to orbit the moon claimed that sending out crews to Mars is “almost ridiculous.”

Previous NASA astronaut Bill Anders, now 85 years old, was the space capsule pilot for Apollo 8, the very first manned spaceflight to leave behind the planets orbit and travel within the moons orbit back in December 1968.

This was really crucial for leading the way for Apollo 11’s historical moon touchdown 7 months later on.

Within an interview with BBC Radio stations 5 Live, Anders stated he is actually a “big supporter” regarding unmanned space programs, “mainly because they’re much cheaper.”

This individual pointed out that the general public support just “isn’t there anymore” to justify costly human missions.

” What’s the imperative? What’s pushing us to go to Mars? I don’t think the public is that interested,” he explained.

Nonetheless, his crewmate Frank Borman, the commanding officer of Apollo 8, hit a somewhat more encouraging tone.

” I’m not as critical of NASA as Bill is,” he informed BBC 5 Live. “I firmly believe that we need robust exploration of our Solar System and I think that man is part of that.”

Both past astronauts talked to 5 Live as part of an exclusive documentary for the 50th commemoration regarding their historical lunar mission.

Until now, NASA has released 2 rovers to the surface area of Mars, Opportunity, and Curiosity, that emit signals back towards earth.

Its newest expedition on Mars is actually the “InSight spacecraft” back in Nov. 26th, that was created to examine the deep inner parts of the reddish planet.

“Now we finally will explore inside Mars and deepen our understanding of our terrestrial neighbor as NASA prepares to send human explorers deeper into the solar system,” NASA claimed in a news release.

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