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Armed Conflict with Iran On The Horizon

The United States decided to put Iran’s IRGC in its so-called checklist of “terrorist organizations” will result in an armed conflict with Iran, claims one expert.

Iranian Head Hasan Rohani on Tuesday applauded the Islamic Revolution Guardian Corps (IRGC) with its part in the battle against the reign of terror, despite the fact that the United States has just marked this particular elite legion as a “terrorist group”.

Within a press conference, the exact same day to the HispanTV media network, the reporter Francisco José Saavedra has already disclosed the repercussions of the brand new animosity connected with the United States authorities, led by Donald Trump, in the direction of Iran.

“UNITED STATES. was without a doubt in opposition to everything that originated from Iran, when the Iranian army troops along with Hezbollah [Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon] are primarily combating against the reign of terror, “pointed out the expert.

However, Washington overlooked everything, the nations which funded the terrorist group ISIL, Al-Qaeda plus all its implications, Saavedra complained, just before explaining that “the United States is placing a little bit of seed for an armed conflict with Iran”.

Saavedra referred to the accomplishments of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the atomic technological innovation market, in spite of sanctions and pressure from numerous state and federal governments, and even worldwide bodies.

Within this particular regard, he has applauded the independence regarding the Islamic Republic and also its resistance to trade embargos enforced through the United state of America. “Iran has constantly managed to get in front, head out on their own,” this individual stated.

In response to Washington’s measure in opposition to the IRGC, the Supreme National Security Committee of Iran has, for its own part, cataloged “the United States plan, as a federal government supporter of reign of terror “and even proclaimed” this terrorist group “to the Central Command of the United State Of America (Centcom), plus all its associated troops or allies, since” these individuals are accountable for the execution of the terroristic protocols, originating from Washington, within the territory of West Asia”.

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