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Are Humans Native to Earth?

If you dig deep enough, one might also ask, are humans native to earth?. Regardless if you strongly believe in creation, science or perhaps evolution, humankind’s beginning is truly the supreme undying question.

Sift even farther, and one might ask if human beings are a model of an alien parent breed?.

Confirmation Of Seeding

During January 2015, the English magazine “The Express” released a photograph of a strange-looking minuscule stone or a rock, which was radiating organic building material. Researchers hypothesized that the biologic component could possibly consist of a genetic fabric, “the forerunner to existence.” Numerous experts revealed opinions regarding its origin like: “It was simply sent out to our planet from some not known world to attempt seeding the earth with life.” Seeding pertains to the planting of unknown microorganisms within a specified location, with the objective of circulating or creating new life. The stone or rock seemed to be created by intelligent creatures, sources said.

Are People Being Monitored?

Lecturer Milton Wainwright out of Buckingham Facility for Astrobiology & his staff examined and even evaluated the stone and its organic components.

These experts speculated that this not only steered us to the reality of space inhabitant and their existence, “but also to complex and civilized creatures that are monitoring our earth.”

Can that hold true?

Have aliens been actually seeding the planet ever since the inception or beginning of time? and today are viewing or watching to see how we react?

If so, what is their objective & why do they not make themselves seen or known to us?

A Missing World Might Be An Indication

Within the Asteroid Belt right between Mars and Jupiter, experts have now observed that there might be a missing planetoid or planet.

Was the asteroid belt created by an erupting world whose inhabitants got away and came to planet earth?

Might our people be actually offspring created by an alien race which formerly inhabited a different world?

Might those aliens continue to be residing amongst us today, possibly unacknowledged or perhaps in hiding?

Maybe those beings prior to humans got away from total destruction of life on their very own world, and are today hiding in ours, monitoring to see if we are capable of destroying ourselves?.

Is The World Associated with Extraterrestrials and Are Humans Native to Earth?

Panspermia is literally a system which enables chemistry and biology to disperse thru space without any need of a spaceship.

Living matter “hitches a ride with sunshine or sunbeams (Rays) or maybe within stones.” A few researchers assume that Mars was actually occupied at one time. Several space rocks or pebbles were “punted” off the planet then landed within an “appropriately inviting spot” on our world.

Organic building materials coming from Mars which resided in the stones may well stimulate more intense research find the answer to the old-time question: Exactly where do we come from & why are we here?

Today, there are countless theories and or concepts pointing to a connection to space beings.

For instance, have aliens escaped out of an unidentified world and came to earth because of unfortunate conditions in their homeworlds?

Are our people spin-offs of this particular lineage?

Environmentalist turned writer Ellis Silver feels that holds true.

Inside his publication, “Humans are not from Earth”: A Systematic assessment regarding Proof, Mr. Silver provides 17 factors just why human beings are not fit or compatible when it comes to residing in this earth.

This individual strongly believes people came directly from a different world.

He also claims that although the planet measures up to a few of our requirements as a species, that it is NOT a match for us as much as to “whoever introduced us here.”

Silver offers a few illustrations of our unsuitableness with regard to surviving on our planet. For instance, this person explains that human beings do not do very well with huge amounts of sunshine we get each day.

This person even mentions that individuals on the planet have persistent backaches, in which he associated with confirmation that our people were derived directly from a world using much lower gravitational force.

The person even mentions that folks are a lot better configured to exist using a 25-hour day rather than a 24-hour.

Mr. Silver proposes that people might have originated from Alpha Centauri and that their planet might have experienced some sort of catastrophic event where a number of individuals had the ability to get away and even arrive on our planet

Are We Spin-offs From Refugees From Mars?

Experts and also scientists strongly believe that ages earlier, Humanoids occupied Mars, however, a war ruined the livability of the planetoid.

This might have been because of explosions comparable to a couple of h-bomb, bursting on Mars 300,000 to 1 million yrs back. It is feasible that numerous creatures or inhabitants of that planet had the ability to run away or escape to planet earth prior to the devastation?

Are ET’S Amongst Us?

Around 1999, a consult within the United State of America Defense informed a press reporter that his task was to evaluate & keep track of 3 space inhabitant group of people that were, and most likely still are, occupying this planet. The source claimed the alien creatures reside within mountain ranges, underneath the planet and also ocean within deep-seated caves.

The source revealed his view that the” ETs possess a good deal of authority over the earth and also its residents”.

This person claimed that the “aliens have connections to Mars, Sirius as well as Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2”. The aliens residing on planet earth appear extremely comparable to human beings.

That they feature a-head, a couple of eyes, an oral cavity, legs, and even a couple of arms, and they on a regular basis analyze human beings, and even take semen, DNA as well as various other bodily samplings.

The aliens might be attempting to control humanistic genetic makeups to develop synthetic mutations. “It’s conceivable that we are actually a product line connected with an old alien race who continues to analyze, monitor and even maneuver people for reasons we do not fully understand”.

Plunge yourself into Cosmic Space Mysteries like the Planetary System, and get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

There are really countless cosmic puzzles for which we have way more questions than solutions or answers. The main one would be, are Humans Native to Earth?.

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