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Are Foldable Smartphones the Future or Just Another Fad?

Foldable smartphones offer users a big display screen compared to tablets, Changing the face of technology, here is how and why…

That is ideal if you want a much immersive experience while watching videos, reading articles or books, playing games, and so much more. In addition to that, being able to flip your phone open to having a sizable screen seems magical. If you are always on the road, it makes a great portable entertainment device.

A huge display also enables more flexible multi-tasking. With a foldable smartphone like Samsung Fold, you can chat with your friends on WhatsApp, watch a video on YoutTube, and search for flight tickets in different windows.

Android has this functionality for quite some time. However, it seems like it will come in handy on wide tablet-sized screens than standard phones. It will also spur the development of good multi-tasking features on the platform. Other than that, such devices are going thicker and bigger than the traditional phones and it means manufacturers may jam some hardware components.

Samsung Fold, it managed to fit big dual batteries and 6 cameras to enable flexibility while capturing video or shooting pictures, in both closed and open modes. As its design evolves, expect to see other brands add extra features that they did not have room before.

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The arrival of foldable smartphones might be a new era of design thinking. In the past, people had lots of variety to choose from when it comes to finishes, materials, styling, factors, unique features, and interfaces. Although there is no diverse range of designs in today’s smartphones, the future might surprise everyone with something new.

Why Do Others think That Foldable Smartphones Can Be Just Another Fad?

With the price of foldable smartphones, such will only appeal to those who are excited about the new technology. While some are excited to hop on this new technology, you might encounter teething troubles, which are par for the course with new form factors and designs.

The form factor of foldable smartphones has a major throwback and it’s the thickness of the device. The current crop of the foldable phones need more space than the standard phones and could ruin your silhouette if you are wearing skinny jeans.

Foldable smartphones may be capable of multi-tasking, but such devices might not be ideal for productivity. The bigger displays on such devices appear to be great for reading and watching videos, but they are not replacing the ability of your laptop or tablet to help you get some work done.

If you have an iPad with its keyboard cover, you can leave your laptop at your house and create or write presentations as well as work on the spreadsheets efficiently. These phones are not made for this and their limited utility can make it difficult for others to justify their high costs.

The Verdict

If you are into collecting groundbreaking and memorable devices, it seems like you will not be disappointed with foldable smartphones today. Although it is hard to say whether these smartphones will stay or they’ll be a flash in the pan, it is still a good idea to try it. Besides, it is a bit foolish to trash new innovations early in the game.

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