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Animal-rights Protesters inhabit Abbotsford Pig Farm

Farmstead targeted because Animal-rights protesters inhabit Abbotsford pig farm after video footage shows bad Treatment of pigs, these people point out ‘the dreadful health conditions that the porkers were generally being brought up in at this particular farmstead’

Animal lobbyists focused on an Abbotsford pig ranch early Sunday, as a component of a protest action referred to as “Meat the Victims.”

The group of people, over 200 of them, claim they are literally “animal liberty lobbyists” that came down on the Excelsior Hog Farmstead on 33133 Harris Rd. around 6 a.m.

Sixty-five protestors are inside the farm building & an additional 135 are waiting outside.

A report claims the ranch was focused on because of video recording footage published by Folks for the Moral Treatment of  Wild animals which these people say portrays “the terrible health conditions which the porkers were raised in.”

” People have indeed collaborated, they were coming from across Northern America in reaction to an inquiry which was just recently generated from this farmstead. People are now speaking out in opposition to the ruthlessness regarding the animal farming sector, and also to stand up in uniformity with regard to the animals” claimed the report.

” The objective of the movement is to reveal the truth of what is actually taking place at the ‘meat product’ market”

Middle East headlines exposed that the Harris Roadway ranch had been the target of a burglary during which concealed video cameras were set up within and even outside the farm building.

Abbotsford law enforcement said to Middle East Headlines News that a couple of monitoring cams were discovered surreptitiously mounted on the ranch.

The cams were found in March at the family-owned farmstead, Abbotsford authorities pointed out.

The video footage started March 15th, basing on a time imprint, and also the electronic cameras largely caught or videoed hogs, claimed authorities.

Law enforcement agencies strongly believe the video cameras were put in at the time of that break-in between March 15th and 22nd.

No damages had been made to the commercial property.

Middle East Headlines News was not able to get in touch with the ranch’s business owner for thoughts or comments, in spite of continued efforts to do so.

The video footage caught from all those cams was later published through PETA, that informed CTV Vancouver that these individuals got it anonymously early April.

The video clips reveal dead pigs and others which seem to have difficulty standing up.

Dozens of cops were on hand in the farmstead very early Sunday, even though protesters that got to the farm building unleashed real-time video footage.

The protesters asked the cops to escort the press into the farm building to see the health conditions, It’s not clear if the multimedia are going to be allowed into the location inhabited by those protesters.

The report published through the protesters pointed out: “The honest truth is concealed from the general public, and we think that folks are choosing to go against their values. Many people are generally in opposition to animal cruelty and also will never wish to support this kind of market if they recognized what was really was happening.

The community has a right to know, they said.

” These kinds of markets perpetuate the ‘humane misconception’ using labels like ‘local,’ ‘free range’, ‘grass-fed’, ‘organically grown’, and even ‘cage-free’– each of the phrases are utilized in order to trick and even deceive the general public right into thinking that animals are really ‘humanely brought up and even humanely slain’.

” Our message is actually easy; “animals are here with us, not for us.

” Right now we are taking a position in order to speak up with regard to animals, and also we are demonstrating to everyone the casualties of their food options. Our people are asking for justice, respect and even equal rights for ALL OF the animals, and also we are going to continue to do this till the message regarding Animal Freedom is overheard loud and crystal clear as well as the animal exploitation sector is forever closed down.”

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