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Animal fidelity – Until death do us part

Humans are not the inventors of marriage for life or eternal love. In fact, many times we are not capable of fidelity even for periods that are shorter than eternity. 

In the animal kingdom, however, there are different examples of species that remain together throughout their lives. 

And this, despite the fact that the studies carried out during the last years have ruined some myths that existed about the idyllic relationships of some animals, which have turned out to be less perfect than they seemed.

At first glance, birds seem to have establish these type of permanent ties. 

In many cases, the pairs of birds that have stable relationships are birds that migrate and then come together every year in the place of mating, once again willing to form a nest together. 

These couples remain together to carry the new eggs forward until they become independent chicks. 

During the rest of the year, they fly in search of warmer places and sometimes they do not do it together. 

Perhaps here lies the success of their union of Animal fidelity , in that they do not abuse the time they spend together and there are small periods of rest.

Mammals are also (sometimes) supporters of Animal fidelity

Before anyone can try and justify their infidelity based on their not belonging to the world of birds, I have to say that there are also mammals capable of establishing relationships, even family, permanently.

An example would be the grey wolves, whose herds or groups are formed around a couple of males and females and their offspring’s.

In the case of primates, and this data is scientific, the truth is that only 6% of the species that have been studied prove to be faithful to their partners. 

One of the most representative examples of Animal fidelity or infidelity is that of the owl monkey. 

The males are not only faithful to the females, but also participate in the care of the young. 

These animals were studied in a rigorous scientific project over eighteen years, during which no infidelity was discovered among the couples studied. 

These data were not even denied by the genetic studies carried out, and it could not be proven that any of the offspring of the family units studied in different locations had been the result of an “extra-conjugal adventure”.

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